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Apple Watch Series 7 – Pros And Cons, Reviews, Advantages, And More

About Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is more extensive, ever so slightly than the older Series 6. It’s a little stronger. Faster, too. All this makes the Series 7 a better smartwatch than its predecessor, obviously, but it is also one of the most boring updates the world’s best smartwatch has seen in years.

Maybe it’s got somewhat to do with hopes. Well into the launch, there were rumors of a design renovation like no other. Because the Apple Watch has looked identical for a while now. A visual upgrade like the one the leaks had made up was much awaited. But it was Apple that got the well of leakers in the end.

Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch Series 7

Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch Series 7


  • Brighter, larger screen
  • Multiple timers. Multiple timers. Timers: they contain a multitude
  • QWERTY keyboard allows you to type on the watch
  • Faster charging


  • The battery period needs to be longer (only one day)
  • Workouts are varied but basic
  • Only two new watch appearances are designed for the more prominent display

Apple Watch Series 7 Reviews

Apple Watch Series 7 Reviews

  • The Apple Watch has always been the most well-rounded premium smartwatch, and the latest iteration in the series solidifies that belief, at least for me. In a way, the Apple Watch Series 7 seems to continue in the same vein as the iPhone 13 lineup, in the sense that it comes across as an incremental update over the previous model.
  • The latest watch has received meaningful upgrades in crucial aspects, similar to the iPhone 13 models. And those upgrades make the look even more capable, though it might be a bit too farfetched to say that it has achieved perfection.
  • The screen is the biggest and most significant upgrade on the Apple Watch Series 7. However, except for the corners, which are more rounded than before, there’s barely any difference in the overall design language, and you won’t be able to make out any changes as compared to the previous generation.
  • Apple has fitted a more prominent display without changing the design. So, the 40mm case size from earlier is 41mm now, while the 44mm size has gone up to 45 mm.
  • It might seem insignificant at first, but combined with the fact that the bezels are narrower than before and the screen stretches over the edges of the fascia, the resulting experience does get a massive boost.

Apple Watch Series 7 Summary

Apple Watch Series 7 Summary

Apple Inc. was the first to introduce a smartwatch in 2015. Since then, this wearable Smart technology has become the best-selling sensation for 21st-century users. From alarms to music, you can manage your lifestyle with just a few taps and plan your move. Each year, Apple adds tweaks to ramp up its features to serve customers.

Apple Watch benefits everyone, from business owners to fitness enthusiasts. However, the Apple watch can have some limitations for many in certain situations.

What are the Advantages of the Apple Watch Series 7?

What are the Advantages of the Apple Watch Series 7_

With built-in features and syncing ability with your iPhone, the Apple Watch can let you do anything from checking messages to tracking your health status daily. These advantages of the Apple Watch are also why you should try this gear if you haven’t.

  1. Apple Watch Tracks Your Health Status

  • The Apple Watch Series 6 features include a 24/7 fitness tracker that records your Blood-Oxygen levels. Stepping ahead of other smartwatches, Apple Watch proves why it deserves to be your partner during workouts and Yoga. Also, if you are an avid walker, why not count the daily pace and length you cover?
  • Apple Watch can also determine your active calorie count and track your heart rate. The Apple smartwatch can also monitor your heart rhythms through its ECG (Electrocardiogram) function. In addition, there’s an SOS function that lets you send an emergency message if you have irregular heartbeats.
  1. Fall Detector

  • The SOS features work well in case you take a hard fall. Apple Smartwatch will surely be the first to notify emergency services, no matter if you are in your apartment or your workplace. When you take a hard fall while wearing your apple watch, it taps you on the wrist, sounds the alarm, and displays an alert.
  • You can contact emergency services immediately or dismiss the alert by pressing the Digital Crown by tapping “I’m OK.” Apple smartwatch uses highly precise and sensitive accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect a brutal hit and immediately prompts you to take action according to the situation. For example, if there’s someone nearby, they will hear a beep within 30 seconds. If you cannot hit the SOS within 60 seconds, it automatically sends an emergency call.
  1. Apple Watch Fits You Easily

  • The wearable fits on your wrist perfectly, besides meeting your everyday needs. Apple inc. is vaguely known for being an innovative firm in both the design and functionality of its technology-based products. So it’s a no-brainer that Apple watches have a sleek design for every build, suitable for every occasion.
  • The Apple Watch straps are changeable in various colors and designs. So you can wear it with a sporty look, or you can wear it for your business meeting a few minutes later. The custom outfits and a wide range of colors make the wearer feel on top of their game. It’s Apple, of course.

What are the Disadvantages of the Apple Watch Series 7?

What are the Disadvantages of the Apple Watch Series 7_

If you have decided to go for an Apple watch despite lacking a budget, ensure it fits your basic needs first and foremost. The following disadvantages of the Apple Watch count as its most significant limitations.

  1. Heavy Pricing

  • The price range is often debatable among users about whether to buy the Apple Watch. For example, you may have to spend from $399 to $799 in the US, while the price ranges are similar if you are made in the UK. On the other hand, you may have to pay £379 to £799 to have your well-fitted custom apple watch.
  • The Apple Watch prices lust varies according to the make and material used. However, the most expensive ones are up to the mark, which means you won’t feel disappointed with what you pay. The best part is that you can pay for an apple watch via monthly payments.
  1. Low Battery Life

  • You can suppose the battery to drain faster with more functions and support. However, the battery life is relatively low and tends to drain faster when you multitask while playing music in the background and running its tracking system.
  • Apple claims the smartwatch can go smoothly for up to 18 hours straight. But they didn’t disclose how many tasks you can run in the background simultaneously. The Apple Watch’s battery life is as long as you want. So try to use it whenever it’s necessary.
  1. Compatibility Issues Are Significant Disadvantages of the Apple Watch

  • Compatibility is one of the major disadvantages of Apple watches despite paying for them handsomely. If you have an Android device, it won’t be able to catch up with the watch as smoothly as iPhone.
  • Even if you have an iPhone, it must sync with iCloud and Apple Pay fully functional. To add more insult to injury, the Apple Watch only supports iPhone 5 or above. It means you might need to pay triple the cost of an apple smartwatch to make it work.


Hence, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a slight upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 6, offering more prominent displays and casing sizes, new color options, improved durability, the S7 chip, and faster charging.

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