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Best Computer Glasses for Long Screen Use


Computer Glasses, Many of us are not so clear about the potentially harmful effects of spending long hours with our eyes in front of a screen. Headaches, tired eyes, and dry eyes are some of the consequences of prolonged exposure to blue and white light emitted by our computers, phones, and tablets.

Therefore, it is always sensible to resort to computer glasses to reduce visual fatigue and protect your eyes. Consequently, we’ve done this research to tell you everything you need to know about computer glasses.

If you spend many hours in front of the computer screen, you may experience headaches, itchy eyes, or blurred vision. These are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). The use of these glasses can help lighten most of these discomforts.

What Are Computer Glasses?

What Are Computer Glasses_

Computer glasses are an optical accessory that reduces eyestrain and protects it when working in front of a computer. Its primary function is to reduce computer vision syndrome symptoms, or CVS, including tired and blurred vision, red eyes, and headaches.

Although we may not always be able to perceive it, computers, like most electronic devices, emit blue light. This light, along with glare and reflections from a screen, can cause eye strain and long-term damage, mainly if the distance between the eye and the screen is short.

Computer glasses help reduce and prevent these symptoms. Whether through prescription or simply blue light filters and reflections, these lenses are highly effective at lowering CVS symptoms. This, in turn, can improve productivity and sleep quality.

Best Computer Lens Brands

Best Computer Lens Brands

A good pair of computer glasses should offer you a high percentage of protection against blue light and high quality, both in the crystals and in the frame, to ensure durability. For this reason, we bring you the best computer lens brands on the market today.

The Most Important

  • Digital visual fatigue is one pathology spreading the most in recent years. It is caused by the chronic use of LED monitors, which emit blue light, harmful to the eyes. Computer glasses are an effective remedy to minimize the symptoms of what is also known as computer vision syndrome.
  • Although the position of scientists on the effectiveness of computer protection glasses is not unanimous, the truth is that they are being used more and more. Its advantages are noticeable shortly after using them regularly, and they have very few drawbacks. There are several types, such as clip-type or yellow lens.
  • To choose the most suitable computer glasses, we must consider if we suffer from any visual defect. It will also be necessary to assess whether we present the first symptoms of presbyopia, which appear after forty. Design, type of protection, and price are other essential factors in our choice.

Best Computer Glasses On The Market

The continuous exposure to computers, tablets, and smartphone screens has made new vision pathologies appear in recent years. Eye redness, tired eyesight, or itching are some of its symptoms. Computer glasses are, for now, the best remedy to reduce these symptoms. Next, a selection with five of the best valued.

Best Clip-On Computer Glasses

Best Clip-On Computer Glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, clip-on lenses are the best option to protect you from the light emitted by screens. This model filters up to 92%, much more than other lenses, but you will have to get used to seeing everything with yellowish tones. On the other hand, they only weigh 15 grams, and you will barely notice them over your prescription glasses.

They are easily placed, and their grip mechanism adjusts to any frame type. In addition, it allows you to lift them without having to take off your glasses. These clip-on it filter much more than other lenses, and their grip mechanism is very adaptable and comfortable.

Best Prescription Computer Glasses

These glasses are available from 0 to 2.50 diopters, in steps of 0.25. They are suitable for people suffering from presbyopia or eyestrain. They are very light (21 grams), do not distort colors, and reduce reflections considerably. It stands out for its effectiveness in reducing the effects of blue light on the eyes.

Women’s Computer Glasses

Women's Computer Glasses

In addition to their current cat-eye design, these computer glasses weigh very little and are very comfortable. Besides, they effectively filter blue light. You can do the test with a small keychain flashlight included in the pack.

These glasses fit both small faces and slightly wider faces. The nose pads are also adjustable for greater comfort. They are available in three colors: gold, gold and black, and rose gold.

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