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Cyberspace – Intro, Origin, Cyberpunk And More


Cyberspace is the virtual space where people using software consume internet services like email, websites, APIs, and many others. A physical backing is required for all this to work, made up of the devices that communicate, such as servers, desktop computers, smartphones, switches, routers, etc., connected in global networks through wired and wireless networks. In other words, the global infrastructure of technology and telecommunications.

The Origin Of The Cyber Prefix And Cyberspace

The Origin Of The Cyber Prefix And Cyberspace

The vast majority of the words we use to refer to things on the Internet or that happen on the net begin with the prefix cyber. From the original Greek, whose meaning was related to the ability to pilot ships, in the 1940s, he began to relate to communication.

Specifically, Norbert Wiener coined the term cybernetics to refer to the science that studies the similarities between control systems and communication between living beings and machines. But, to relate it to the Internet, another forty years would have to pass.

Cyberpunk Cyberspace

Cyberpunk Cyberspace

In 1984 the word cyberspace appeared for the first time in a novel by William Gibson: Neuromancer. A cyberpunk play starring a hero who wants to return to the online world, he was expelled from cyberspace. Here, cyberspace assumes a virtual space created by computer networks. And it is here where the first relationship between cyberspace and the Internet occurs.

If the Internet is a decentralized set of communication networks through protocols, cyberspace is where internet communications occur. So, for example, when we talk about hacking, this attack does not happen in a specific physical space. Instead, it takes place in cyberspace. That is to say, from Gibson’s original idea, we have arrived at a hybrid between the real and the virtual. We make decisions in an indeterminate place on the Internet, and the consequences of our actions directly influence real life.

Cyberspace Is the Exchanges Of Information.

Cyberspace is built through exchanges of information. It is a space in which communication occurs, and it is also the medium that enables the business of communication. Hence, some confuse concepts and consider that the Internet and cyberspace are the same.

Inside The Network Cyberspace

Inside The Network Cyberspace

If the Internet had not existed, cyberspace would not have existed either; understood as the place where we place the things that happen on the network. If neither of them had lived, it would not have been possible to create a social system from a technological base, where technical possibilities condition evolution at a social level. Therefore, as technology progresses, it will be possible to improve social relationships in cyberspace.

Who would have thought that some of the daily actions we could only perform physically now occur in cyberspace? For example, it is no longer necessary  Buying online using a computer or a mobile device has become a reality thanks to the Internet and cyberspace.

Authorized Regulation Of Cyberspace

The legal regulation of it is often a source of conflict due to the virtual characteristics of this area. Governments find it difficult to enforce their laws, and thus, crimes committed in this environment are difficult to prosecute and judge. Despite this issue, many activists defend the independence and autonomy of it, demanding that state authorities do not exercise control or commit acts of censorship.

Develop The concept of cyber ethics regulates the use, abuse, and administration of information through cyberspace. Although, until not long ago, we believed that technology would never surpass our species beyond the limits of fiction, things have changed a lot since machines have come to participate in activities on which our survival depends. For this reason, a set of standards is so necessary.

A New Reality Cyberspace

Cyberspace has been the protagonist of many classic moments of cinema and video games of the 80s and 90s when access to networks had not yet become widespread. Although today the average human being does not go offline all day from the Internet. Most people did not know what this term meant just a couple of decades ago.

Just as computer-generated graphics and three-dimensional animations had their first moment of rage and left their first viewers speechless, It was also present as part of a futuristic and elusive reality. However, in a short time, it became the meeting point for most of the world’s population in their daily lives. Regardless of their geographical location.

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