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Element Materials Technology – About, Overview, Profile, And More

About Element Materials Technology

The Element Materials Technology Company is one of the world’s driving worldwide suppliers of testing, examination. And also, confirmation services for a different scope of products, materials, and advancements in cutting-edge modern stockpile chains where disappointment being cast-off.

Element Materials Technology Company Overview

Element Materials Technology Company Overview

  • Element Materials Technology guarantees that the materials and items used in a portion of the world’s most industrial modern areas are dependably protected. It is the pioneer in Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration services.
  • Moreover, it is consistent with all significant industry standards and, in particular, it is suitable for reason in their end application. The organization was established in 1987 and was located in Aberdeen, UK.
  • Settled in London, UK, Element’s c.8,000 researchers, specialists, and technologists, work across a worldwide organization of over 260+ labs. It support clients from early Research and development through complex administrative endorsements. And into creation guaranteeing their products are protected and manageable, and accomplish market admission.
  • In 2021, Element conventional out its new industry driving natural responsibilities, embracing science-based targets and resolving to net no emanations across its whole worldwide business by 2035.
  • These ecological responsibilities follow Element’s accomplishment of the most incredible ESG positioning in the testing, examination and certificate industry from Sustainalytics, a worldwide forerunner in ESG exploration and data.
  • It has a very constructive environment, an open door policy where you can straight walk up to high officials for taking advices and also, complaints. Moreover, a global platform for all the employees, which helps in many ways.

Profile of Element Materials Technology

Profile of Element Materials Technology

Website –

Industries – Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Company size – 5,001-10,000 employees

Headquarters – London

Type – Privately Held


Materials Testing, Product Qualification Testing, Failure Analysis, Other Testing & Inspection Services, Consulting, Certification, Calibration, Life Sciences Products and Services, Connected Technology Testing and Certification, Environmental Testing Services, Aerospace Testing Services, Energy Infrastructure Testing Services, Transportation Products and Infrastructure Testing Services, and Construction Materials and Building Assurance Services.

Element Materials Technology Services

Element Materials Technology materials designing and testing services increase the value of any venture or product lifecycle period. From the beginning, plan through assembling and field support, Element specialists carry out intensive examinations that yield essential data. Hence, to enhance cycles and product execution and increase the value of your business.

1. Materials Testing

1. Materials Testing

Element Materials Technology offers analytical services to many materials in different enterprises and applications. It incorporates compound investigation, mechanical testing, metallurgical examination and also, metallography.

Element specialists are additionally knowledgeable about the testing of polymers. Like plastics, rubbers, elastomers, paint/coatings, cement, oils, and natural chemicals, and also, layered assessments. Therefore, It also includes first article investigations, picking apart, shape capabilities, and interaction capacity review.

2. Product Qualification and Development Testing

Element works labs with some expertise in modified testing for producers in biomedical, military, car, engineering/development, and different initiatives. Our abilities incorporate water-powered and pneumatic testing, environmental simulation, EMI and EMC testing, fire and combustibility testing, and more.

3. Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing

From visual reviews to radiographic techniques and ultrasonic assessments to form qualifications and strategies, Element Materials Technology offers a thorough arrangement of nondestructive testing and examination services that work to streamline production and guarantee the nature of completed products in the lab or the field.

4. Failure Analysis and Consulting

Element specialists direct top-to-bottom investigations and analysis to decide the underlying driver of part and gathering failures and distinguish the means for forestalling future issues. Working rapidly, completely, and utilizing the most recent scientific hardware and materials portrayal techniques, Element gives detailed responses that eventually convey the main concern results.

Our services include Weariness Testing, Fractography, Master Observer Services, Assembling Cycles Assessment, Consumption Consulting, Erosion Testing, Build-up Analysis, and Polymers. Moreover, it has High-level Materials Failure Analysis, Product Plan Assessment, Materials Choice, On location Investigations, and Welding Studies.

5. Calibration


Our European calibration labs are well-versed in the calibration of tension, temperature, mugginess, and electrical, mathematical and also, mechanical instruments. A broad reach, high exactness, and short time required to reanalyze are essential for our administration. All calibrations are discernible to public and global principles, and authentications are as long as to help this.

6. Construction Materials Engineering

The expert engineers and ensured specialists at Element give examining and testing services to a full scope of construction materials and processes, including concrete, and soil. As a result, the Element is a perceived forerunner in geotechnical engineering and testing services. Moreover, offering complete scientific and consultative help.

7. Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

When appropriately chosen and applied, thermally showered coatings, like fired, metal, and additionally polymer, can assist with limiting or deflecting standard parts failure. In addition, Element offers a full scope of thermally splashed surface treatments that broaden your parts’ existence. And eventually, boost the productivity of your processes.

8. Consultancy Services

Element Materials Technology engineers and researchers frequently look past test results to investigate why failures or issues happened and decide how they can be firm afterwards. Moreover, our far-reaching consultancy services can assist with working with the development of your products/processes. It also, enhance production effectiveness and shortening time to market.

9. Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering

Element research centers keep up with CWI and CWEng-ensured staff experienced in all parts of ferrous, nonferrous, polymer properties and also, welding necessities. Our weld testing services include Welder Preparing and Technique Qualification, Development of Weld Strategies, Weld Failure Analysis, Weld Quality Analysis, Weld Fixes, and also, Weld Machine Calibration.

10. Quality of Element Materials Technology

At Element, quality is our work, which incorporates our clients’ quality projects and objectives. Our research centers are constant by a devoted group of Quality Supervisors who constantly review, survey, and work on our processes and techniques. Some authorizations and endorsements incorporate ISO 17025, Nadcap, A2LA, AAMA, TÜV America. And business endorsements from organizations like Lockheed Martin, GM, Verizon, Boeing, Honeywell, and Honda.


Hence, Element Materials Technology exists to assist with verifying that the materials and products that we test, confirm and adjust for our clients. Which are generally protected, quality, agreeable and fit for reason. We eventually convey certainty to those areas where failure in assistance is just impossible. Our purpose as a business is a simple one. Thus, everything they do is a strategy to deliver one thing for our customers – Certainty.

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