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What is Ethereum Homies?

Ethereum Homies Since becoming mainstream in the latter half of 2021, NFTs have essentially modified the market for digital assets despite stirring both excitement and skepticism from blockchain enthusiasts. As NFTs continue to fill pop culture in several ways, plenty of non-fungible projects have emerged to capitalize on the rapidly growing market, like blockchain’s upcoming art-driven token, Ethereum Homies.

Ethereum Homies Non-fungible tokens or NFTs can come in digital artwork, videos, animated GIFs, songs, trading cards, etc. They are then stored on an identical blockchain, digital ledgers in which records of transactions are stored, where they remain tamper-proof. It populate the  blockchain, as its name connotes, and comprises 10,000 unique and magnificently hand-designed 3D NFTs. The project is rigged and ready for the metaverse and takes profound influence from the music, fashion, and NFT culture with how each NFT is distinctly designed.

Ethereum Homies Is A Necessary, Intricate Background

Ethereum Homies is an intricate background and can be used to communicate with other , In the community. The team behind this fantastic and exceptional project consists of a talented 3D artist, four metaverse designers, a coder, a web developer, and a back-end security developer who were all friends from the very beginning and eventually came together to form the project.

Project lead and artist Evian Watson has spent the last four years in Los Angeles

As a creative director, videographer, and editor, California worked with numerous well-known talents in the music industry. Around the time the NFT marketing amplified its presence back in 2021, Evian then used his creative flair to develop 3D animation and NFTs leading to the foundation of an idea arranged to push the music scene into the metaverse. This vision allows international accessibility to numerous music events and networking.

Ethereum Homie is ultimately a project geared towards diversity and inclusion within the NFT space. The team’s vision is to create art that promotes culture and advances external resources and learning opportunities pertinent to Web3 for communities across the globe representing all sectors of society.

The project’s pretty detailed roadmap shows that it is off to a good start with a recent milestone they just completed. To thank the community for the unequivocal. Its NFT – Frequently Requested Questions(FAQ)

What Is An Ethereum Homies?

Ethereum Homies is an NFT (Non-fungible token) group. A collection of digital creations stowed happening the blockchain.

How Many Be Ethereum Homies Marks?

On the entire, there are 217 Ethereum Homies NFTs. So now 146 owners have at least ones it NTF in their wallet.

What Was The Most Expensive Ethereum Homies Sale?

And also The most expensive it NFT sold was #229. It sold for $700.4

How Many Ethereum Homies Sold Recently?

There some Ethereum Homies NFTs sold in the last 30 days.

Support, the team has distributed 1 ETH to five lucky holders to celebrate their first turning point. Details of their giveaways found on their dedicate Discord channel.

Now that the brand has established a solid foundation, they are further preparing to advance the Ethereum Homies. Next on their agenda is procuring land in the metaverse – a virtual sandbox real estate will purchase for community use in virtual concerts will held and countless networking events accessible by people belonging to the community. In addition, people who hold Homies will have the chance to receive additional valuable content and drops.

The team is also coming up with an idea to allow holders to forge NFT wearables into the physical world through its upcoming Homie G Drip Store. The store will provide its holders access to additional merchandise, event tickets, And also other metaverse assets.

Ethereum Homies to create a public and transparent wallet funded through royalties as a community-driven project.

The wallet will then implement a community decentralized voting system that allows its holders to determine metaverse events, musical artist selection, land purchases, royalty contribution changes, merch store additions, and future meet-up events. In conclusion, the project’s community will help shape the future of it.

The Ethereum Homies NFT Finds A Home In The Blockchain

The NFT industry has seen countless popular projects propel towards the mainstream and acquire massive potential valuation. This year, the hits save on coming with introducing several new NFT projects. The Ethereum Homies or Homie Gs NFT is one collection that has found its home within the Ethereum network.

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