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Evo Entertainment Springtown With Its Top Competitors


Evo Entertainment Springtown – It is a true social hub & entertainment location. EVO features a six-screen dine-in cinema with all luxury lounger seats, food and drinking service besides your site, boutique bowling, a complete-facility restaurant, arcade and board games. Moreover, it has an innovative craft cocktail bar. EVO Entertainment Group is located in Kyle, Texas, United States.

The Spot, operated by Evo Entertainment Group, opened on October 14, 2016, in a building formerly occupied by a Target store. Included under one roof are six movie screens, eight bowling lanes, a restaurant, a bar and an arcade. In February 2020, it gave the new name EVO Entertainment Springtown.



EVO Entertainment Springtown associates under the following;

  • Movie theatre
  • Bar
  • Bowling alley
  • Sports bar
  • Video arcade



  • EVO Entertainment Springtown has 4.4 stars from 1573 reviews. “Parking is free. Therefore, it is near grocery stores and multiple restaurants.
  • The line to get tickets was fast. The bar is a full-service bar. They are two sections to the game room. One of the game rooms is in a covered outside area.
  • The bowling section did have multiple lanes. In addition, there is an option to order food right from your seat in the movie screening room.
  • The food that we ordered was good quality and reasonably priced. However, there was an issue with getting a drink from the bar delivered to the screening room. We ordered drinks from the bar, but they never showed up.
  • The waiter indicated that the bar was hectic. The seats in the movie screening room are recliners. The employees were very polite and professional. Therefore, its location was easy to find.”

The Challenge

EVO Entertainment believed that a way should catch visitor feedback and answer continuously to increment client commitment and also, construct connections for their developing entertainment brand.

Top Competitors of EVO Entertainment Springtown 

1.    Pinballz Arcade

Pinballz Arcade

The First Pinballz Arcade in Austin is the origin of Pinballz. Opened in 2010 after the proprietor’s assortment began to go crazy, the Burnet area has extinguished Austin’s hunger for pinball machines and good arcades. Hence, from that point forward, we’ve assisted families with praising birthday celebrations, couples meet, and organizations inspire at our thrilling office.

2.    Players & Spectators


Players and Spectators Event Center resembles an all-out Entertainment Community for grown-ups. Our bowling paths are lovely for joining companions for an evening out on the town. Appreciate delectable burgers and grown-up drinks from the Spectators Bar and Barbecue. Therefore, Players and Spectators Event Center has the most extensive electronic arcade in Spokane, north of 3000 square feet, with the freshest arcade games for all ages.

3.    City Fun Center

City Fun Center

City Fun Center is the only family entertainment center in San Diego with mini-bowling, mini-golf, and private party rooms, 100 tickets, driving, pinball, and video games that operate with a game card and e-tickets. In addition, the city Fun Center has the 4-player PACMAN SMASH air-hockey table, standard air hockey, plus four mini bowling lanes. Also, interactive skill attractions like Laser Frenzy and Time Freak and Atomic Rush, plus a new 9-hole black light glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course.

4.    Pla-Mor

Pla-Mor offers you a novel entertainment community in Laredo, TX. Our different scene is home to 26 bowling paths with auto scoring, perfect for individuals who like to get serious and have a good time! Bowling is an extraordinary method for celebrating unique events or getting together with companions.

Pla-Mor has an extraordinary Arcade region loaded with video games, pinball machines, and electromechanical games, as well as laser tag, a ropes course and zipline, rock climbing, and virtual golf. We offer celebrity bowling paths, party rooms, and a full-administration bar and restaurant. Our café highlights incredible fun food like pizzas, nachos, popcorn, Frito pies, and thus considerably more.

5.    Strikes Unlimited

Strikes Unlimited is a 50-lane bowling alley with cutting-edge technology, arcade games, an on-site pro shop, and also, the Halftime Bar and Grill.

Life in Kyle: EVO Entertainment Springtown

Life in Kyle_ EVO Entertainment Springtown

EVO Entertainment Kyle is significantly more than a cinema, and it’s here in Kyle. You’ll find all that you need in a cinema, to say the very least. The Kyle area of EVO Entertainment offers the cinema experience with the improved survey, restaurant and bar, bowling, video and recovery games, and also, above 50 HDTVs.

Not Your Regular Film Insight

  • The improved survey insight, or EVX, contains a monstrous one end to the other, floor-to-roof screen. It’s supplemented by a vivid Dolby ATMOS moving sound and also, cutting-edge projection innovation.
  • EVX takes encompass sound to a higher level, producing the sound you can feel. Participants will discover themselves feeling as they are in the activity as the film becomes completely awake. Thus, not all EVO scenes offer this element, and Kyle is lucky to be one of them.
  • The area likewise has Flashback Cinema, where you can get old top choices on the big screen. You might have your confidential screening gathering and browse any film appearing at the Kyle EVO Entertainment or welcome your movie on Blu-Beam.

More Fun Activities at EVO Entertainment

  • The bowling place is not your regular bowling back street, as it offers an unprecedented experience. The bowling paths utilize the most recent bowling innovation with smooth sound and visuals, path-side food and also, drink administration from the kitchen, and a cutting edge stylish.
  • Assuming you go bowling there, look for buried orange pins! If the orange pin appears in the head honcho position (the front), contact a colleague to watch you bowl. Moreover, if you bowl a hit with the orange pin in front, you’ll score a $100 game card!

Frequently Asked Questions About Evo Entertainment Springtown

Where is EVO Entertainment Group’s headquarters?

EVO Entertainment Group is located in Kyle, Texas, United States.

Who are EVO Entertainment Group’s competitors?

Alternatives and possible competitors to EVO Entertainment Group may include Omescape, Meta4 Interactive, and also, MSG Entertainment.


Hence, EVO Entertainment Gathering is an entertainment brand in Texas with cinemas, restaurants, bars, and entertainment focuses. Therefore, EVO needed to increment customer commitment and assemble reliability among their clients utilizing the input they get using ‘Thanks’.

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