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Frome Market – About, Markets, Travel Data, And More

Frome Market – Frome has a charming historical center, a wealth of architectural interest, and a thriving contemporary and performing arts scene. Frome is also the original Somerset Market Town, an enormously important destination hosting a flourishing market since the ink was still wet on The Domesday Book. This tradition endures today with traditional markets every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

While visiting Frome, markets are must-see. The town is famous for being a bustling and imaginative market town, as it has been over, now is the right time. Thus, there is a wide assortment of different weekly and monthly markets to peruse. To get the best Frome experience, plan your visit around these and see what our local dealers bring to the table.

The markets permit Frome’s local ranchers, food makers, specialists and other autonomous businesses to show what they bring to the table. You can likewise track down a great choice of fascinating food, specialties, clothing and different items from the numerous free shops in Frome.

Markets in Frome

Markets in Frome

Thus, from March to December, the Frome Independent Market comes to town on the first Sunday of every month. The Frome Independent is a smaller-than-normal celebration that assumes control over the entire city, drawing in many guests. It unites the best local food and drinks, specialists and originators, produce, plants, blossoms, retro-of-a-kind, collectables, home products and also, street diversion.

Besides the markets, Frome is brimming with expert shops, expressions and artworks, collectables and collectables sitting close by rare and unique clothing shops and businesses, most of which are independent. Frome is likewise home to various expression settings and exhibitions in impressive structures, including The Dark Swan, Rook Lane Arts, and the Silk Plant.

Weekly Market Days in Frome

Weekly Market Days in Frome

  • There are general markets each Wednesday and Saturday, 9 am-3 pm, with slows down in the Cows Market Vehicle Park by the Cheddar and Grain and at the lower part of Modest Street.
  • You can figure out more on the Frome Weekly Market Facebook page.
  • The Frome Bug and Antique Market, 9 am-2 pm each Wednesday, sells quality recycled merchandise, antiques and collectables.
  • Frome Food Centre point. Request online through their site Thursday-Monday then get your new product at a weekly collection on Wednesdays 5.30 pm-7 pm at Bennett Place, Vicarage Street.
  • Deliveries are additionally accessible up to 10km from Frome.

Monthly Markets in Frome

Monthly Markets in Frome

  • An autonomous merchant at the Frome Free Market
  • The Frome Autonomous is quickly becoming one of the most popular objective markets in the country. It unites free food and drink makers, contemporary architects and producers, one-of-a-kind styles, collectables and stuff. Thus, the first Sunday of the month is March – December. Official visit their site for more data.
  • Perhaps of the biggest independent rancher’s market in the South West, the honor-winning Frome Rancher’s Market, is drooped on the second Saturday of each month, February – December, at Boyle Cross in the focal point of Frome.
  • A laid out, the widespread scope of ranchers and food creators slows down here, selling vegetables, meats, cheeses, pieces of bread and innovative new food businesses. Dive more deeply into merchants on the Somerset Rancher’s Market site.
  • Contemporary and Rare things, gifts and adornments can be found at the Jaybird Market on the primary Sunday of March to December.
  • The Vehicle Boot Deal is open to anybody on the last Sunday of each month in the Steers Market Vehicle Park.

Travel Data of Frome Market

Travel Data of Frome Market

Bus or Train

Many administrations are running among Frome and Bristol, Bath, and Dorset and different objections. Yet some might be liable to designing works and rail substitution bus administrations.

  • Bus data is accessible here
  • Train data is accessible here

By Bicycle

Frome is on Highway 24 of the Public Cycle Organization, which incorporates the Colliers Way, interfacing with the Dundas Aqueduct and Frome. It is accessible here to Cycle data.

Park and Ride

Our Park and Ride vehicle leaves are located at:

Frome Clinical Practice, Enos Way, BA11 2FH

Frome School, Bath Street, BA11 2HQ

Andros UK Ltd, Lullington Path, Oldford, Frome, BA11 2NQ (Nov/Dec as it were)

Gifts of £2 per vehicle thankfully got at Park and Ride vehicle leaves.

The primary transport bus is at 10 am, the last bus leaves from the town place at 3.45 pm.

Kindly think about a ten-minute stroll from the Recreation area. And also, ride into the market to downplay on board the buses.

As in earlier years, we ask guests to show thought for the local area and not stop in private streets or block access for homes and businesses.

Hence, they are exceptionally thankful to Andros UK for supporting The Frome Independent.

Availability and Stopping Limitations

  1. Buses are open with space for a wheelchair, but some will be debilitated, leaving narrows accessible in the Frome town community for blue identification holders.
  2. If it’s not too much distress, connect with an individual from our managing group. If you want them to find crippled stopping narrows for you.
  3. Whereas, kindly know that stopping limitations and traffic authorization are in procedure on market Sundays.
  4. Guests mercifully declare to stop with thought for Frome occupants. And also, they are encouraged to notice the stopping limitations set up by Somerset District Board.

Data for Mentor Organizations

  • Our market works inside a street conclusion, and access for mentors is through the Bath Street section point. The postcode BA11 1PL will carry you to St John’s Congregation, Frome.
  • The stewards out and about conclusion right now will guide you to Stopper Street vehicle leave, where you can drop off travelers.
  • After drop off, we recommend you park at the Marston Exchanging Domain BA11 4DH.
  • The street is accessible here, and also, WCs at different superstores are open on Sundays.

Frome Market Dates 2022

Frome Market Dates 2022

  • Sunday 6th March 2022
  • [Sunday], 3rd April 2022
  • Sunday 1st May 2022
  • [Sunday\ 5th June 2022
  • Sunday, 3rd July 2022
  • [Sunday], 7th August 2022
  • Sunday 4th September 2022
  • Sunday 2nd October 2022
  • [Sunday] 6th November 2022
  • Sunday 4th December 2022

Frome Market Officer Contact Details

If you have an interest in the presence of a fragment of the Frome weekly markets, please register your curiosity using the new market traders side or make communication on 0300 303 8588 and enquire for the Markets Officer or email


Hence, Frome is a fantastic shopping destination. Moreover, it invests heavily in the creativity and variety of its numerous independent shops. The town has consistently remained an effective business and market town, and notwithstanding the decay of the silk trade, it continues flourishing. It is because of the progress of its devoted business people, talented experts, and artisans.

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