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The IoT Revolution Technology 


IoT Revolution Technology – The Internet of Effects, or IoT for its contraction in English, is still a relatively new market but with potential. It has increased and includes different technologies, from sensors and data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to robotics and drones.

IoT has been labeled the power behind the fourth industrial revolution, driving productivity gains, transforming business models, redefining how organizations engage with their customers and suppliers, and even changing how they interact with customers. Objects in everyday life.

It is said that this is a revolution that will be bigger and more widespread than the previous ones. Large consultancies globally, such as Gartner, McKinsey, and PWC, forecast that the sector will generate trillions of revenue per year by 2025. It estimates that it will connect more than 75 billion devices to the network.

What Is The Internet Of Things( IoT) in Revolution Technology?

Revolution Technology -Internet Of Things

The IoT refers to the interconnection of physical objects with embedded sensors and software to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems through the internet. Connected objects can range from kitchen appliances, vehicles, baby monitors, refrigerators, computers, smart watches, speakers, light bulbs, and doorbells.

Its applications are varied. It is used to monitor and analyze the manufacture of products, examine the health of people and the environmental conditions of a place, and facilitate changes in business processes, among others.

But it can also change our daily lives, helping people with everyday tasks. For example, a smartwatch can monitor your sleep and wake you up at the right time when you sleep. While you take a shower, send a signal to the coffee maker so that it starts working automatically.

Refrigerator Inventory Of The Products With IoT Revolution Technology

The refrigerator takes a list of the products, and when they are running out, it sends you alerts so that you can go to the supermarket or place an order directly at home. And then, when you brush, if the toothbrush identifies that there is a risk of having cavities, it instantly schedules you an appointment with the dentist.

Although it may sound futuristic, the increasing technological advancement brings us a little closer to it.

Many of these objects already exist. For example, there’s Amazon’s Echo, a voice-command device that, once you call it “Alexa,” can help you with tasks like finding nearby locations, listening to audiobooks, checking calendars, shopping on Amazon, controlling home devices via the voice, ask for news or sports results, among others.

Other applications already exist, such as intelligent tennis shoes that count calories and measure the distances traveled; field sensors that record data on sunlight, temperature, fertilizer level, and moisture; brilliant watches and glasses that give statistics on human health; or intelligent mirrors that can report on weight, sleep quality or hydration.

Business Opportunity With IoT Revolution Technology

It is estimate that human beings have contact with between 1,000 and 5,000 objects a day. Thus, if the objects around us are interconnect, it Could improve the productivity of people and companies in different sectors.

  • Information and analysis: People’s behavior, such as sleep or exercise, is analyze; environmental data such as temperature or humidity is collect ; complex decisions are made, such as reducing costs, Find out which products most bought to give recommendations, etc.
  • Automation and control: this includes optimizing processes in companies, optimizing resource consumption, and creating complex autonomous systems.

Hot And Big Data Go Hand In Hand IoT Revolution Technology

IoT has a brutal impact on the different aspects to consider in a complex system. In the coming years, innovation will focus on the following six layers :

  • connectivity
  • Security
  • data storage
  • System integration
  • hardware devices
  • Applications development

Big Data will be present throughout this process since the volume of data ingested and collected will grow exponentially. The number of devices and data sources will reach unimaginable figures.

Technologies And Platforms IoT Revolution Technology 

Undoubtedly, free and low-cost hardware has opened the door to the proliferation of affordable devices and their application in new fields.


The IoT Revolution Technology, in addition to being present in everyday life, the IoT is an excellent opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs. Forbes magazine states that companies will reduce their costs, increase productivity, and expand their market with this technology.

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