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Lees Market With its Overview, Customers’ Bond, And More

About Lees Market

Lees Market sells all the everyday favorites in a typical grocery store. A family market with establishes implanted in the Westport community, Lees has consistently esteemed its relationship with the community and with us. This feeling of spot and our commitment to the development, respectability, and rich practice of Westport.

Overview of Lees Market

Overview of Lees Market

  • The encompassing communities are why Lees has been the center point of the community for more than sixty years. Lees Market has developed into an elite food and spirits market dedicated to the all-out shopping experience through our energy for food and the community support we have received for a long time.
  • Invest a few energies with us, and we’re sure you’ll concur that Lees is a unique experience. So whether you are shopping for regular staples, claim to fame and everyday foods, newly pre-arranged dishes, brew, wine and spirits, or the freshest meats and produce accessible, you will track down it at Lees.
  • We’re incredibly pleased with our unequalled determination of great food. Continuously keeping watch for new things, our managers buy from north of 250 suppliers. From the most prominent grocery wholesaler in the US to the nearby couple group around the bend.
  • Part of the energy for us is to acquaint new foods in our community and to find the dark things you request that we acquire. So it’s continuously energizing to see explicit stuff partially.

Customers’ Bond Of Lees Market

Customers' Bond Of Lees Market

  1. Customer satisfaction is the explanation for why we exist. In addition, most of our staff have many years of experience at Lees, improving their abilities as food experts and community ambassadors.
  2. They esteem what they do. You will not hear “no” here-we will get it going happily. We guarantee a cordial, helpful, perfect, efficient store with the vibe of a bygone era area market, yet with a superb choice.
  3. Our staff and management profoundly put resources into the item, the customer, and the community. So it’s simple as far as we’re concerned to completely put resources into the subtleties expected to guarantee that you partake in your experience here from start to finish.

Local Commitment: We are generally part of this community and value how novel and exquisite it is. Our central goal is to save its customs, industries, work, and lifestyles. From supporting neighborhood ranchers to rewarding the community that upholds us, that circle of care keeps it the sort of spot, we need to live and work.

History of Lees Market

  • Officially known as the IGA, Lee’s Market is a family-owned grocery shop in Fort Langley, BC, Canada. The Lee family accepted the store in 1975 and has served the community since. The market has undergone several name changes over the decades, together with Tommy’s Market, Lucky Dollar, Link’s Hardware and IGA, and the Fort Supply Firm. The Fort Supply Co. was the certified name in 1975 when the Lee family converted to new holders.
  • For the Lee family, it was a lengthy road, or a vast ocean to travel, before finding their home in this communal. But, father, who made his way to Fiji from China in the 1940s to find healthy life. To make for his wife and upcoming children, Johnny makes his method from Fiji to Canada to find a thriving home and healthier life for his brothers, sister and also, mother.
  • By 1972 the enduring family members had been able to immigrate to Canada. After a few years and numerous jobs, they originate a place for the family to twitch a business, thrive, and grow.
  • However, the family business has expanded to include the Walnut Grove and Langley Town IGA Market Residence franchises, Peter, Robert, Margaret, Chang, Linda, Judy and also, Charlie. Moreover, all the familiar faces we have seen for years employed at the IGA in Fort Langley are a friendly place in the community.

Departments And Services of Lees Market


Blue Lobster Café

Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee, hanging out to chat about the day’s events, or enjoying a full café meal while using our Wi-Fi on your laptop. The Blue Lobster Café staff is waiting for you. We love our interaction with everyone who comes in to visit.



Stroll over to the dairy department for a fantastic assortment of fresh bowls of milk, eggs, portions of margarine, cheeses, juices, teas, yoghurts, plunges, spreads, and that’s just the beginning. Moreover, they have something for everybody, from regular staples to the uncommon and unique, highlighting a variety of natural, vegetarian, vegan, and specialty things.


Everybody needs a deal. So, we’re particularly pleased that we’ve been highly successful in contributing regular grocery things at competitive prices. Because of diligent research and creative thinking.

In-store Bakery

In-store Bakery

We know you have a lot of choices for bakery items. Doing this kind of work in a fun, small, and also, independent family-run business is a real treat. It makes it very “homey”, a feeling we try to pass on to our customers.

Lees Famous Butchers Shop

All our cuts are done by hand on-site, and meat is minced daily. Nothing comes to us pre-cut or processed, nor do we resort to bleaching products to keep them on display longer. So, you’ll know what you’re getting: the highest quality, safety standards, and up-front information.

Lees Floral

The scent of our Floral Department is beautiful and lovingly cared-for plants and fresh-cut flowers. Explore the natural beauty we capture in our floral selection here at Lees. We invite you to come and lose yourself in it all for a while!


It makes a vast difference, both in the product we carry and in strengthening our community. This hands-on, direct, and open relationship with local producers. Moreover, it helps keeping them going and permits the roots of our community to spread well into the future.


  • Lottery
  • Postage Stamps
  • Free Knife Sharpening
  • Store & Retail Gift Cards
  • Balloons
  • UPS Shipping
  • Photo Copying
  • Bissell Carpet Cleaner Rental
  • Gourmet Fruit & Gift Baskets

Challenges, Process and Solutions Of Lees Market

Challenges, Process and Solutions Of Lees Market


  • Lee’s Market, a trustworthy grocery store in the heart of historic Fort Langley, British Columbia, expressed significant concern regarding the lack of available parking stalls for their patrons.
  • Despite ample designated parking spaces, owner Robert Lee had noticed the tendency for individuals frequenting other Fort Langley establishments to utilize the Lee’s Market parking stalls.
  • It left his customers unsatisfied with the limited parking spaces and was beginning to affect his overall business.


  • Through consultation with Robert and other employees, we began to formulate an effective solution to his parking issue while simultaneously expanding Lee’s Market brand.
  • In collaboration with Robert, we developed a unique sign and notification system that incorporated the company’s color and branding scheme.
  • Educating ourselves on the sites in question allowed us to determine which product was best suited for a given area.


  • Our design team developed a parking lot visual system specific to Lee’s Market that used both traditional signage and our Qwick Kurb refundable bollards throughout Lee’s designated parking lot.
  • It enabled us to highlight which stalls belonged to Lee’s and convey the message of their intended use.
  • The visual system’s dual purpose was to communicate to Lee’s customers that they could feel confident they would have convenient and available parking.
  • While we also strongly discourage patrons of other businesses from using the spaces in an unauthorized manner. We were able to achieve this in an aesthetically pleasing way successfully.


Hence, Lee’s Market, a legitimate grocery store in the core of historic Stronghold Langley, English Columbia. Thus, they communicated a considerable concern about the absence of accessible stopping slows for their patrons. Despite good assigned parking spots, proprietor Robert Lee had seen the propensity for people regularly visiting other Post Langley foundations to use Lee’s Market stopping slows down. Thus, these thing left customers baffled by the restricted parking spots and were starting to influence his general business.

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