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LG Washing Machine 8 Common Error Codes – Types And Solutions

LG Washing Machine Error Codes – If you have an LG washing machine, you’re probably no stranger to its error-checking system. LG washers show their error codes on the machine’s front board to help make troubleshooting your LG washing machine simpler.

LG washer codes are two-three letters, which can show up for countless washer issues. These codes assist you with understanding what the problem is and whether you can fix it yourself at home or should bring in an expert. Hence, Sears Parts Direct notes that these codes are on the control board display.

Types Of LG Washing Machine Error Codes With Its Solution

The letters of each error code may be in lowercase, uppercase, or a combination of both.

1.     IE LG Washing Machine Error Code

IE LG Washing Machine Error Code

  • An IE error code shows that the washer could not fill with water.
  • An IE error code could mean the water in the supply lines is freezing during cold and also, freezing weather conditions. Once the temperature rises above freezing, the water supply will start again.

2.     OE Error Code

OE Error Code

The OE error code specifies that the washer cannot drain the water used during the wash cycle. Thus, a kinked drain hose or a blocked drain pump filter can trigger OE.

  • Check for a kinked drain hose.

Check behind the washer to ensure the drain hose is not clogged. Run a spin cycle if clogs have been removed or the drain hose’s kinks have been straight. Thus, to confirm whether the OE is set or not.

  • Test the drain pump.

If the drain is not kinks, track a spin-only cycle to test the drain pump.

  1. Click POWER to turn the washer ON.
  2. Click the SPIN SPEED key until HIGH is shown.
  3. Click the START/PAUSE button to start the SPIN ONLY cycle.
  4. Listen to a humming sound indicating that the drain pump motor has started working.
  • Do you hear the humming sound?

During the test, a humming sound comes. And also, probably the sound of water draining will be coming for the first 15 seconds.

3.     UE LG Washing Machine Error Code

UE LG Washing Machine Error Code

  • The uE/UE code indicates that the washer is attempting to balance the load. Which may result in the unit not being leveled correctly or the pack itself. Thus, this code gets quickly solved with no need for a technician.
  • When the uE/UE displays on the screen, the unit will fill with water to agitate and separate the items, then drain and try to spin again. After three attempts to balance, the uE will change to UE, meaning the unit cannot rebalance the load and requires assistance.
  • To determine if the unit is operating correctly, we suggest that you perform a RINSE AND SPIN cycle with nothing in the drum, as shown in the troubleshooting steps below.

Run rinse and spin cycle without a load.

  1. Empty the drum.
  2. Power the unit on.
  3. Select the RINSE AND SPIN cycle.
  4. Press start.
  5. Thus, this cycle will take about 20 minutes.

4.     dE Error Code

dE Error Code

A dE error code is that the washer could not lock the drawer. It might be as a result of the;

  • The dE1 error code specifies that the drawer is not closed correctly.

To fix this- You must open and also, re-close the drawer to clear the code.

  • The dE2 error code specifies that the drawer is closed but not locked.

To fix this-

  1. Turn off the washer.
  2. Pull the drawer open
  3. Restart the cycle
  4. Close the drawer firmly.

5.     dL LG Washing Machine Error Code

dL LG Washing Machine Error Code

A dL error code indicates that the door latch switch is malfunctioning. Possible causes could lead to the display of this code, such as an item must stick inside the door.

To fix this-

  1. Remove items.
  2. Unplug the units for 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the unit back in, and try to start the cycle again.

The door switch is malfunctioning, and the door latch will get damage. If the dL error code continues, the unit will require repair service, then visit the request repair page.

6.     PF Error Code

PF Error Code

The PF error code shows a power failure. It may occur if the power supply to the washer is interrupting during a cycle from a power outage.

To fix this- Restart the washing cycle process.

7.     LE Error Code

LE Error Code

This error code means the motor in your LG washer has locked due to overloading. To remove the code, remove some of your laundries from the washer and then reset your washing machine by turning it off for 10 seconds before turning it back on again. Also, make sure your laundry is evenly blowout in the drum.

8. PE, FE, AE, FF, E3, tE LG Washing Machine Error Codes

PE, FE, AE, FF, E3, tE LG Washing Machine Error Codes

These errors require the service of a professional technician. Unplug the unit until the repair service is complete. For your convenience, visit their request a repair page


Hence, whenever your washer displays an error code, you must understand what it says. Most individuals tend to reset the washing machine to eliminate the error. But that is not correct practice. If any of these issues occur, LG recommends you close the washing machine door, unplug your machine from the wall and also, contact the company as quickly as possible.

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