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MediaTakeOut – Intro, Business Model, Success Factors And More


This article discusses a news website name MediaTakeOut. Media Take Out, or MTO News is an urban celebrity news and gossip website that features breaking stories on African American culture. Mediatakeout generates revenue via ads like most media and also, news companies. The website’s content is unique comparing to other news websites and channels.

Who Are The MediaTakeOut?

Who Are The MediaTakeOut_

  • Media Take Out is also known as MTO News. It is a blog-style gossip website mainly focused on entertainment and celebrity news involving African American topics and celebrities. It is arguably the leader in African American celebrity news and has broken stories shared by mainstream media giants such as CNN.
  • Fred Mwangaguhunga, a former corporate lawyer, founded the website. He was born to Ugandan parents in Washington, D.C. He graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, and received two degrees from Columbia University.
  • The Media takeout boasts 14 million page views daily and it got name as a multi-million-dollar business. According to the reports, Mwangaguhunga paid less than six hundred dollars to start Mediatakeout, and now he is earning millions.
  • Media Take Out has broken several stories, including Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, Remy Ma’s criminal charges and Michael Jordan’s divorce. Mwangaguhunga has stated, “We get 90% of our stories from insiders looking to spill the beans like hairstylists, bodyguards or bitter ex-girlfriends”.

MediaTakeOut’s Business Model

MediaTakeOut's Business Model

Like most media and news companies, MediaTakeOut generates revenue through advertisement. Its value proposition to its advertisers is a high-traffic, urban demographic readership uniquely engaged in the website’s content.

Within the first few years of operation, Mwanguguhanga grew MediaTakeOut’s web traffic to a size that rivalled that of BET and other urban arms of billion-dollar companies. Large advertisers, initially sceptical, came quickly knocking when they saw the website’s traffic numbers.

For its readers, MediaTakeOut offers breaking news stories reported in a nuanced fashion that speaks to its audience. With the brand equity built from being the leader in delivering urban celebrity news, the website has a network of sources that has provided the scoop on some of the biggest stories in celebrity news. Thus, readers who want to be in the know keep on top of MediaTakeOut’s latest reports.

MediaTakeOut’s Success Factors

MediaTakeOut's Success Factors

  1. MediaTakeOut’s success can attributes to factors such as its focus on readership and its substantial brand equity. It allowed the site to grow in a manner that catered to its audience. When MediaTakeOut started, Mwanguguhanga took a cue from technology companies like Facebook and Twitter and focused on building the readership instead of monetizing immediately.
  2. For example, the decision to focus on urban celebrity news was data-driven; as the website grew, it became apparent that the urban demographic engaged with the content in a way that drove more web traffic. Mwanguguhanga recognized this and took the company in this direction. Within six months of operation, the site had become profitable.
  3. By tailoring MediaTakeOut to its most engaged audience, the site built its second success factor, substantial brand equity. Being touted among other large websites like TMZ allows the site to command advertising rates as well as attract key sources for stories. Good sources for breaking stories are vital for a site like MediaTakeOut as it drives readership. More readership and also views equal advertising revenues.

Some Unknown Facts About MediaTakeOut

Some Unknown Facts About MediaTakeOut

Let’s discuss some of the top unknown facts about media takeout that you should know in 2022;

1. They Make Original Programming

Revealing its plans, Mediatakeout will expand its content into TV and radio. It started when they created a dating show broadcast from the website’s homepage.

2. Facebook Is The Main Source Of Traffic For The Site

Yes, the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram made the primary source of traffic to the site. The amount of traffic has increased since they have been on Facebook.

3. Kanye West Upset By Them

MTO had a good bonding with Kanye West a few years ago, but this didn’t last long. Media takeout didn’t review West’s collections well at Madison Square Garden. Since then, their relationship has gone down.

4. MediaTakeOut Have Revealed Many Big Stories

Mediatakeout revealed many high-profile stories and did not only report what other people were talking about. However, it was believed that more stories could have been broken, but the team decided to keep quiet.

5. They Are Known For Their Sensationalist Captions

The headlines of Mediatakeout encourage readers to click on articles on the site. So, the headlines seem to be more attractive than the actual incident that happened.

6. Most Of The Stories Come From Insiders

The Mediatakeout brings most of the stories from insiders, Thus, about celebrities with whom they are close. The news comes from the staff who work for stars.

7. MediaTakeOut Is The Most Visited Urban Website In The World

Mediatakeout has now become the most visited urban website in the world. However, some sources confirm the same.

8. MediaTakeOut Is Written In A Blog-Style

The site started as a blog website, and all the news was written in a standard blog form. The tone of the writing is pretty informal and registered as an individual post.

How Is Not Quite The Same As Every Other Tattle Blog?

How Is Not Quite The Same As Every Other Tattle Blog?


In the metropolitan space, there are hundreds and a potentially large number of online tattle journals, yet none have the traffic, the impact, or the crowd allure of Really from the beginning of the organization’s development, that’s what I concluded.

Like Twitter, YouTube, and various other tech new companies, we would burn through a large portion of our mediatakeout endeavors expanding’s image value and obtaining perusers instead of zeroing in on incomes.

Thinking back, I believe that was the ideal choice. However, presently, not at all like Twitter and Youtube, we’re bringing in cash. We’ve been income positive since the 6th month of tasks, and revenues are growing firmly.


Hence, with the proliferation and evolution of social media, such as Instagram Live and TikTok, users are consuming news differently. Instead of navigating to dedicated websites to read up on the latest stories, users are receiving reports in their social media feeds. MediaTakeOut must adapt how and on what platforms they deliver breaking news to their audience to keep them engaged.

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