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7 Myths About Software Development You Must Know

In the software development world, you might find myths about the niche. These myths can kill your determination if you are starting your software development career, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This guide will discuss seven myths about software development. Let’s get started!

What Myths Exist About Software Development

Software development is a comprehensive process from gathering a project’s requirements to its maintenance phase. Unfortunately, there are numerous myths people share about software development. They include the following.

1.     A Project Ends Once It Is Released

There is a myth where people think that the developer’s work ends after the project has been completed, and they shouldn’t be consulted or hired again. However, that’s not the case.

Once a project is completed, there is more work to be done. Common tasks include incrementing future changes to scale the project, upgrading it, fixing bugs, and maintaining it.

In truth, the developer’s work never ends as long as the developed application exists and is still being used.

A good example is when you hire node developers to create a web app for your company. After they complete it, you still need IT support for the web app to help maintain it.

2.     All Developers Must Be in One Place

Unlike other fields, software development can be accomplished remotely. Different collaboration tools, such as GitHub, allow developers to work on the same project despite being in different locations.

Each developer will monitor changes made to the code, and they can follow along while working on their milestone to help push the project at large.

3.     Outsourcing is a Scam

When you correctly outsource skills to help develop a project, you might end up getting experts that will create a masterpiece. Besides, outsourcing exposes you to a bigger talent pool where you can easily get more experts to deliver your work.

4.     Programming Takes Years to Master

Many people have a wrong perception of programming. They think it is impossible to master, but that’s not the case. The secret lies in understanding the syntax and working on projects while practicing more. You will eventually master it.

5.     Everything Must Run at First

Software development involves lots of errors and bugs that can affect your code. Therefore, don’t hop in thinking all your code will run throughout. Most of the effort is spent in debugging, and it’s through that you understand programming in detail.

6.     Testing is Done After Development

In software development, testing can be done at every iteration or stage, depending on your development model. So, you don’t need to wait for the project to be complete for you to test it.

7.     You Can’t Master Programming without Math

While math is great in programming, it’s not mandatory to understand it to become a programmer. Most programmers never focus on their math classes but can still write excellent code.


Like any industry, software development has numerous myths surrounding it. We’ve elaborated on seven myths you will likely encounter in software development. That’s it, folks!

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