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Onward Technologies Share Price With Its Company Review

About Onward Technologies

Onward Technologies Share Price – Onward Technologies is an Indian multinational software technology subcontracting not only company specifying in digital and  ER&D services. Moreover, it is more attentive to transportation & mobility, industrial equipment & substantial machinery, and also, healthcare & MedTech industries. As per its particles with the BSE, it is reportedly headquartered in Mumbai and also, has 2600+ employees overall, 14 offices in 6 countries and offshore development centers in India.

Thus, on March 31, 2022, it had one Indian subsidiary and four foreign subsidiaries. However, a Company’s up-to-date filings with the BSE indicate that it provides services to the most significant 2000 global companies in North America & Europe. Therefore, it works with six global Top-10 automotive companies and five global Top-8 heavy machinery companies.

Onward Technologies Essential Keys

Onward Technologies Essential Keys


To become one of the maximum preferred Technology Services partners for top global companies leading innovation at the intersection of the digital and also, physical worlds.


Since, they are on a mission to help clients shape the imagination of a new world by leveraging their domain knowledge. And they also have delivery experience diagonally Connected systems, Engineering R&D, and also, Digital Transformations. In addition, they strive to add value to every customer requirement by properly deploying experts, capabilities, and also, strategies for perfect execution and nimble turnaround.

Hence, established in 1991, Onward Technologies caters to customers who are leading players in their respective fields. Thus, with a strong team of 2100+ employees functioning from multiple offices and customer locations across India, US, UK & Europe, we work across all industries. Therefore, from Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare & Medical Technology, and also, Rail Transportation, to name a few.


  • Onward Technologies recorded its highest revenue progress in Q4-FY22 of 13% QoQ at INR 875Mn.
  • In the financial year concluded on March 31, 2022, thus, company reported a revenue of INR 3,073Mn with YoY growth of +28% and also, earnings per share at INR 12.17, which amounted to a YoY increase of +180%.


Onward Technologies works crosswise industries, including transportation and mobility, industrial equipment & heavy machinery, and also, healthcare & MedTech. It offers its customers solutions and services across the following business lines:

  • Digital transformation facilities like data science, data analytics, automation and also, cloud
  • Embedded systems and also, Electronics engineering services
  • Mechanical engineering services
  • IT services


Therefore, the company got certified with the two requirements they are;

  • Information Security requirements for Customers
  • Information Security requirements for Suppliers

Review of Onward Technologies Ltd Share Price

Review of Onward Technologies Ltd Share Price

Therefore the company has both pros and cons which shows its reputation. They are;


  • Asset Light Business

The Company operates a great asset-light business with a high Asset turnover ratio of 5.02. Thus, a high asset turnover ratio is a great driver of RoE and can improve shareholder returns. A relatively higher asset turnover ratio also will result in lower dilution as the business grows its revenues as earnings.


  • Low Sustainable RoE

The Company’s sustainable return on equity is lower than the expected cost of capital, implying that the underlying business will destruct value over time due to its inability to generate superior returns on capital.

  • Low Return on Capital Employed

Thus, Company cannot generate sufficient return on capital employed. Which impairs its ability to create a high return for shareholders after accounting for taxes, interest and also, other non-equity stakeholders.

Infusing Automation with Dynamics 365 in Onward Technologies

Infusing Automation with Dynamics 365 in Onward Technologies

  • Onward Technologies explored multiple options before choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365, which perfectly suited its requirements. The company had plans for a greenfield ERP implementation, and also, Dynamics 365 offered several advantages to the business.
  • Ease of integration: Onward Technologies had standardized its systems on Microsoft Office 365, and also, employees had been using the platform for several years. Dynamics 365 integrated easily with the familiar Office 365 suite, saving time and effort that would have been spent in transferring data between applications if another solution had been implemented.
  • Comprehensive solution: In finance and operations, a lot of manual work was done on spreadsheets and through other processes. The ERP system acted as a single source for all information. In addition, the tool’s reporting and analytical features would help generate valuable insights, further supporting decision-making, planning, and budgeting.

Automotive And Mobility of Onward Technologies

Automotive And Mobility of Onward Technologies

  • The automotive industry is quickly propelling towards a consistent and also, automated future. Whereas, at Onward Technologies, we have a long history of serving the global automotive OEMs and also, Tier 1 & 2 organizations.
  • Thus, they have the right solutions to provide to the automotive industry’s dynamic engineering and design needs. Moreover, their value-added solutions ensure good value work that translates requirements into innovative and quality products at an affordable price and reduced delivery time.

Engineering Services of Onward Technologies

From coming up with the most excellent possible design solutions to experimenting, testing, and also, trading the product. Meanwhile, Onward is an exceptional professional in engineering solutions for the automotive industry.


Thus, new product growth

  • Exteriors & BIW
  • Interiors & Seats
  • Transmission and also, Powertrain
  • Chassis

Embedded Systems

  • Embedded technologies have risen significantly in the automotive industry in the last few years. It helps the product to be energy effective, fast, responsive, and also, safe. Being an engineering service benefactor, Onward aligns itself as per client PEP and also, takes a portion in the evolution of Automobiles from the perception to SOP.
  • While, it has a squad of industrial designers with unparalleled creativity to reach best-in-class designs. And they not only fulfil structures and function expectations from the manufacturer’s point of view but also a mixture of futuristic design with the end client’s sensitivity.

Digital Transformation

  • Going digital is the next vast step for the Automotive industry. Today it’s transforming the traditional component and hardware-focused industry into a solution and also, software-driven industry.
  • Thus, with our digital skills, we help businesses become accustomed to their product to new and dynamic innovations with practical efficiency. Therefore, their service covers everything from hardware-intensive digital integration to software-driven developments.

Technology Services

  • The next generation of vehicles is ambitious by Big Data keys, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Sensors, V2V – V2I schemes, and emergent techs identical to blockchain and also, Augmented Reality. Therefore, this combination makes it one of the most exciting and challenging sectors.
  • Hence, their expertise has experience with all the emerging technologies transforming the IT field currently. Moreover, they syndicate their knowledge with business intelligence to develop solutions that appropriate your goals and help clients achieve actual results.

How Much Onward Technologies Share Price Is?

How Much Onward Technologies Share Price Is_

The share price of any stock is volatile and keeps changing throughout the day owing to different factors. For example, Onward Technology’s share price is Rs. 265 As on November 14, 2022, at 11:02.

Hence, you can buy Onward Technologies Ltd shares through a brokerage firm. Thus, ICICI direct is a registered broker through which you can place orders to buy Onward Technologies Ltd Share.

Peer Comparison of Onward Technologies

Thus, this table shows you the comparison of Onward Technologies with different details;

Aurionpro Solutions 357.15 814.31 3.28 26.53 13.46 11.64 14.11 2.81 15.06
Ramco Systems 236.90 730.09 0.95 0 -28.77 -6.03 -6.29 2.61 -34.45
3I Infotech 42.90 722.40 0.82 23.00 1.87 1.02 1.71 3.41 9.14
63 Moons Tech. 153.30 706.38 0.27 0 -5.28 -2.34 -2.38 4.89 -18.69
Onward Technologies 265.45 591.38 4.02 54.23 4.91 8.62 12.58 2.52 19.80
Allied Digital Serv. 107.80 589.01 1.20 62.07 1.74 1.18 2.01 4.81 23.65

Strengths and Limitations

  • The Company is Virtually Debt Free.
  • It has delivered good Income growth over the past three years of 25.64%.
  • Therefore, limitation of Company has delivered poor profit growth of -0.09% over the past three years.

Medium- and Long-Term Market Action

Onward Technologies Ltd hit a 52-week high of 429.5 on 11-04-2022 and also, a 52-week low of 215 on 15-11-2021. The stock price of Onward Technologies Ltd has been up by 2% over the last month. Thus, it is up by 21.74% over the previous year.


Hence, in these articles, we discuss with you Onward Technologies in detail its share price with its comparison of competitors. Therefore, Onwards long-standing success has completes through its unique mixture of competitive advantage, innovative solutions, sustainable growth and also, ownership with proven performance.

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