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PBIP [Prudential Bancorp] Stock – Stock Price And Latest News

PBIP Stock – In this article, we will talk about Prudential Bancorp (PBIP) stock. Prudential Bancorp (PBIP) is 15.13 -0.17 (-1.11%) as per the last variations done on June 30, 22 by [NASDAQ]. The Prudential Bank is a Pennsylvania chartered savings bank originally organized in 1886. Lowrey. Charles and F. Lowrey are Chairman and CEO of Prudential Financial, Inc. Prudential Financial’s net worth as of March 07, 2023, is $35.12B.

About PBIP Prudential Bancorp, Inc

About PBIP Prudential Bancorp, Inc

Prudential Bancorp, Inc. operates as the bank holding company for Prudential Bank that provides various banking products or services. The company accepts interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing checking, money market, savings, and certificates of deposit accounts.

Its loan portfolio comprises single-family residential mortgage loans, construction and land development loans, non-residential or commercial real estate mortgage loans, home equity loans and lines of credit, commercial business loans, and consumer loans, such as loans secured by deposit accounts and unsecured personal loans.

The company also manages a portfolio of investment and mortgage-backed securities; and provides ATM and online and mobile banking services. It operates a central office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and nine additional full-service branch offices, including seven in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County; one in Drexel Hill, Delaware County; and one in Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Should We Buy PBIP Stock Or Not?

Should We Buy PBIP Stock Or Not_

  • Prudential Bancorp’s stock price ended at $15.13 on July 20, 2022, after losing 0%. Thru the last trading day, the stock fluctuated 0% from a day low at $15.13 to a day high of $15.13. The price has been going up and down for this period. And there has been a 0% change for the last two weeks.
  • The stock lies in the mid of a falling trend in the short term and further fall within the movement waving. Given the current short-term trend, the stock expectation will fall by -5.98% thru the next three months. By a 90% probability, hold a price between $13.46 and $14.65 at the end of these three months.
  • Do note that if the stock price stays at current levels or higher, our prediction target will change positively over the next few days as the conditions for the current broken estimates.

PBIP Stock Signals & Forecast

There may be a buy signal from the three-month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). Some negative alerts were also issuing, which may influence the near short-term development. The Prudential Bancorp stock holds sell signals from both short and long-term moving averages giving a more negative forecast for the stock.

Also, there is an all-purpose sell signal from the relation between the two signals where the long-term average is above the short-term average. On corrections up, there will be some struggle from the lines at $15.13 and $15.26. A break-up overhead on any of these levels will come to buy signals. A sell signal from a top pivot point on Monday, June 27, 2022, and so far, it has fallen -1.37%.

Further fall indicates a new bottom pivot created. Volume fell on the last day without any changes to the price, and this does not cause any direct divergence but may be an early warning and a possible “turning point.” The low volume increases the risk and reduces the other technical signals.

Support, Risk & Stop-loss for Prudential Bancorp Stock

Support, Risk & Stop-loss for Prudential Bancorp Stock

  1. Prudential Bancorp finds support from accumulated volume at $14.89. And this level may hold a buying opportunity as an upwards reaction can expect while asset verification.
  2. The stock tends to have very controlled movements, so the general risk is considering very low. However, be aware of the standard or falling volume and monitor the stock. During the last day, the stock moved $0 between the high and low, or 0%. The stock has had average daily unpredictability of 0% for the last week.
  3. Our recommended stop-loss: is $14.51 (-4.11%) (This stock has low daily movements and gives low risk. There is a sell signal from a pivot top around 16 days ago.)

Trading Expectations PBIP For The Trading Day Of 21st July

Trading Expectations PBIP For The Trading Day Of 21st July

The trading day on Thursday, the 21st, they expect Prudential Bancorp to open at $15.13. And, during the day (based on 14 days Average True Range), to move between $15.03 and $15.23, which gives a possible trading interval of +/-$0.0987 (+/-0.65%) up or down from last closing price. If Prudential Bancorp takes out the full calculated possible swing range, there will be an estimated 1.30% move between the lowest and the highest trading price throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the stock is closer to the resistance from the gathered volume at $15.30 (1.12%) than the support at $14.89 (1.59%), our schemes don’t discover the trading risk/reward intra-day attractive, and any bets can hold until the stock is closer to the support level.

Insiders are neutral as most recent trades are sells in Prudential Bancorp PBIP Stock

In the last 100 trades, there were 412.48 thousand shares bought and 209.6 thousand shares sold. The latest trade was made 741 days ago by Fanelli A J, who bought 10 thousand shares. More stocks have been purchased than sold among the insiders for the period. But most of the latest transactions have been insiders selling. There can be various reasons, but the stock observation is more closely.


Hence, Prudential Bancorp holds numerous negative signals. It should be a sell candidate, but due to the general chance for a turnaround condition. It should be measured as a hold candidate or accumulate in this position while awaiting supplementary development.

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