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What Is Print On Demand?


Print On Demand or “print on demand” is a copy of a graphic product after placing an order. Therefore, we are dealing with a reproduction system adjusted to the number of times that said a client requests reproduction.

Unlike other traditional breeding models, production does not occur until the sale. While the usual thing is to have stock and storage to satisfy a hypothetical demand from a client, printing on the market does not activate the process until said request.

In this way, whoever sells the product has the advantage of not bearing the production costs until a sale has safe as houses. Another element that disappears from the traditional chain is storage since there is no stock.

How Does Print On Demand Work?

How Does Print On Demand Work_

  • Print on demand works similarly to modern. In other words, a customer requests a product, and then the necessary logistics are put in place to serve it. However, talking about a graphic reproduction on specific support that ranges from porcelain to paper, passing through the fabric:
  • Customer: purchase the product on demand. This way, registration is generated, notifying this sale and indicating the process.
  • Seller: Once you receive the purchase order, you assume various roles. On the one hand, he manages the payment; on the other, he notifies his production partner to do the printing on demand.
  • Printer on demand: after receiving the registration of the order and confirming the payment, the seller contacts his partner printer on the market so that he can generate as many units as the client has requested.
  • Carrier. While most of this process is digital, it’s time to ship a physical item once print-on-demand.

What Types Of Products Can Market With The [POD] Print-On-Demand Format?

There are several examples of products marketing under the print-on-demand paradigm today. Let’s aspect at some of the most popular:

  • T-shirts: The textile industry has advanced to create garments in large chains for the mass public. Anyone can even create custom clothes like t-shirts. All these thanks to personalized printing on-demand with which, if you have the appropriate measurements, you can go to one of these sellers and create something unique that you can reproduce as many times as you want and in the quantities, you wish to.
  • Cups: For example, printing on-demand in Spain, adapted to the support of cups, allows you to create this utensil with 100% customizable designs. Something that has allowed merchandising promotion and details at weddings and other celebrations.
  • Posters: After all, the best-known form of printing is on paper. In this way, we can find signs, and other decorative elements, made under the ‘on demand’ paradigm. As easy as going to a copy shop and requesting this reproduction. Of course, there are more specialized companies that will be able to give you not only an exact copy but the format you want.
  • Keychains: Just as a poster printed and other enhancing elements, copies are complete in a smaller format to introduce into the used keychains.

What Features And Benefits Do Print On Demand Have?

And how is the printing on demand system? It is one thing to understand how it works and another to know all its features. For this, nothing better than attending to the advantages that differentiate this production model from others:

Goodbye to the stock problem.

Usually, the production system ensured shipments were in stock, but when this ran out, there were no more possibilities for the customer to get the product he wanted. No, unless the seller made as many impressions. But the on-demand model does not wait for high demand; as long as there is only one order, the process can begin.

Costs Are Reduced

How do you ensure the profitability of this model that is always willing to meet the public’s requests? It’s simple, reducing costs, from storage costs (since there are no large productions that consume space) to production costs, since these are paid for first by the customer’s purchase.

There Are No Storage Problems

It only occurs if the customer orders and pays for the product on demand. Hence, in the traditional model, the cost involved having a space to place the different products that need to be stored until a customer buys them.

Place For Innovation

As only one impression is per sale, there is the possibility of a change in the designs for the next one. An opportunity that batch production does not value leaves little room for customization.


POD Printing on demand is an exciting model for small companies or those starting to operate. This system ensures cost reduction and greater customer loyalty, who always get a ‘yes’ for an answer. A system that works but requires forming an efficient network of partners that ensures both production and delivery of products within the agreed time.

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