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What is a protocol? Intro, Types, Example, And More


The protocol refers to different behaviors and rules that people in a particular society must know and respect on specific occasions, such as in official areas, for a particular reason, or because they hold a position that requires this.

The protocol, therefore, is the instructions or recommendations that those attendees who attend a formal event must follow.

In other words, the regulations that these attendees must follow by tradition or agreement. The concept can refer to an established rule to act in a regular procedure. A document collects the conduct and the actions that must be carried out in certain situations.

Therefore, we can speak of the protocol in two senses: whether it is a social event or a procedure that must follow a series of rules.

Protocol Types

Protocol Types

We refer to a concept with several meanings when we talk about protocol. Depending on what you are referencing, various protocol types need to be applied.

In this logic, among the existing types of protocol, we could highlight the following:

  • Social protocol: Set up by tradition, establish behavior in social events.
  • Official protocol: This is the one that is usually apply when we talk about diplomatic acts, with kings, and presidents of the Government, among others.
  • Company protocol: rules that establish the rules for staying in the company.
  • Diplomatic protocol: Very similar to official protocol. It mentions the set of rules that must apply in diplomatic acts.

However, even though these are the main ones, there are another series of protocol types that we could mention.

Protocol Example

On a day-to-day basis, there are many situations in which is very present.

Next, we expose various situations that, given the condition in which is apply, will help us to understand the concept better.

In an event attend by government authorities, they issue a letter where each attend is inform of the rules to attend, the hours, the dress code, and the timing of the said event. This document establishes Its to be follow throughout the event.

We can also find in procedural situations before events, such as the case of the police. For example, when there is a kidnapping, and there is a need to negotiate with the kidnapper, the police, as for other events, have established a protocol that sets the rules and follows steps to guarantee the correct police intervention.

Another clear example of a protocol is found in company protocols. For example, when an unforeseen event occurs in a company that requires the immediate action of the board, it has establish a protocol that indicates the steps to be followed by the company members.

Protocol At A Wedding Banquet

Protocol At A Wedding Banquet

There Is Also A Particular Protocol Regarding The Tables Of The Wedding Banquet:

  • At the presidential table, only the bride and groom and godparents should be present and the other parents of the couple. That is a maximum of six people.
  • The tables closest to the presidential one are where the most important people for the bride and groom sit, such as siblings, grandparents, uncles or cousins, and friends.
  • If many children are request, they should all sit together at a table to enjoy a children’s menu.
  • The most appropriate thing is to place round tables to favor dialogue and interrelationship between all diners.
  • Other protocols are the agreements established by several States to modify a treaty and the rules that different computer systems must respect to communicate with each other.

Protocol In Other Disciplines

A protocol can be some things context in which one finds oneself, such as a document indicating how to act in a particular situation. And it is also call the set of social rules that set behavior in public, for example, at a dinner. We regularly know the protocol as the so-called etiquette (for example, chewing food with your mouth closed or keeping manners first).

Next Are Some Of The Many Meanings That This Period

  • Medicine. For medication, it refers to clinical or preclinical trials that evaluate a new drug. And add some sign or characteristic to a drug already known and on sale. They are typically sources of knowledge that have to some degree, original for science. They may even exist in the branch of psychology and sociology. Likewise, a treatment it is a document that has information. About the patient to be treat and that serves to guide doctors when deciding how to continue with treatment or disease. Taking the references provided by this paper.
  • International rights. In International Law. It is an annex to an initial international treaty, a change, Extension to the original treaty. Such as the it referred to climate change,  its self was more famous and influential than the treaty.
  • Computer science For computing and telecommunications. A communications it is the set of rules and standards intended to control the sequences of messages in communication between entities part of a similar network. Telephones or computers are some samples of these communications.
  • Internet Protocol. The Net Protocol is a communication it with digital data. Functionally classify in the Network Layer following the international OSI model.
  • Research protocol. A research it includes the objectives. Design, methodology, and specific considerations that must be consider to implement and organize research or scientific experiment. In addition, a protocol must include the background and the reasons why said research is carry out. Finally, it would help if you defined what parameters will measure the results obtain.

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