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What Is Real Estate Marketing Tools


Real Estate development starts from an idea or concept that translates into a Master Plan. This includes the engineering and architecture of the same and the brand image, the communication plan, marketing, and sales.

Within the structure of the marketing plan intended to support Real Estate Branding, a series of visual narratives must be generated that makes it understandable and easily understood by the target audience or buyer person. Through these tools, it is possible to capture the attention and trust of potential investors, making it possible for them to view it attractively in a simple way.

Technological Advances Real Estate Marketing Tools

Technological Advances in communication strategies make the evolution of this type of narrative increasingly complex and sophisticated. Any real estate inbound marketing strategy must accompany this evolution. New technologies aimed at providing sales forces with innovative tools to facilitate their tasks should be adopted within the general marketing strategy or plan to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding and informed customers and investors. Real estate.

Render Photorealistic Real Estate Marketing Tools

The 3D images of the project as a whole and its components have become an effective sales tool. Nowadays, the presentation and promotion of a real estate development are not conceived without using them and have a generalized application. They are essential as not all clients and investors can interpret architectural plans. A good photorealistic render allows you to visualize the project clearly and precisely, perceiving the final image as it is finished.

Render 360° Real Estate Marketing

This new innovative tool is changing real estate digital marketing and the way of selling developments and projects. A 360 render consists of a spherical image that allows the person, And also no matter where they are, to see the project from different angles and thus get a real-spatial idea of how the project will look.

Technology today allows us to count and visualize this technique through any mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet), PC, or Laptop.

Virtual Tour Real Estate

It is substantially possible to take a virtual tour of the project itself and its spaces. This walkthrough is nothing more than a set of photorealistic and rendered scenes collated in 4K video format. There are innumerable possibilities that it offers, And also  that derive from the very intentions of production, which can include the construction processes.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Real Estate

They are undoubtedly the newest and most innovative Real Estate tools used in commercial real estate developments. Unlike the virtual tour, And also which is a video with a pre-programmed viewing sequence, virtual reality allows us to immerse ourselves in the project and interact with it by choosing our route, investigating, and allowing us to move forward and change direction and stop. And also research what interests and motivates us.

Real Estate Branding

It is considered the action of creating a brand from a project or real estate development, generating a character and conceptualization of it, which will guide, under the same strategic line, the conception and materialization of communication and the totality of visual storytelling tools.

Digital Brochure Real Estate

It is a corporate brochure, either digital or print. That will give detail information about the entire project: concept, descriptions, technical aspects, And also  others. Finding the ideal balance between information, image, and photos is essential to fulfilling their purpose. And also It renders that joins the text to achieve a visually pleasing result for the reader.

What Can Email Marketing Tools Use In Real Estate Business?

  • The cheapest option to create segmented email campaigns and automation. It also has the opportunity to create landing pages. You can start using it for free with up to 1,000 contacts but limit options.
  • The most professional and powerful option to create email automation, And also email marketing campaigns. It also can send SMS and CRM campaigns in higher plans. In addition, And also you can stab it for free for 14 days.

Real Estate (CRM) Customer Relationship Management

A CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) is a customer management system that makes it possible to manage the relationship with customers quickly and effectively.

This type of software. We can centralize all the information related to potential clients and current clients in a single place. Making the work of the real estate agent much easier. Especially when working as a team with a certain number of people collaborating.

What Tools To Use To Implement This Real Estate Strategy?

  • Blog: Post valuable content frequently on your real estate blog.
  • YouTube: Just as you create written content for your blog. You can create a YouTube channel where you give advice and valuable information in video format.
  • Social networks: Locate which social networks your target audience is on. Create profiles on the chosen social networks. Start publishing content. And also create a community of people who believe in you and your brand.

Real Estate Sales Funnel

If you already know this concept. You will know that to create your automate acquisition and sales system. And also It’s time to connect all the tools explain above to start capturing potential clients on the Internet and convert them into clients in an automate and scalable manner.


Real Estate Clients have usually accept real estate developments And also projects that use this type of strategy. So their Implementation a constant in all kinds of free enterprise.

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