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Rental Of Cooling Towers – Intro, Two Cooling Units, And More


Rental of cooling towers, installation in 24 hours! Your problem is our problem; we will study it immediately. Speed is one of our fundamental commitments to our clients. We offer you the most suitable cooling tower for you and your company, whether it is open or closed. Do not stop your company’s production due to a breakdown or the revision of your machines. We go to all of Spain. You can request Emergency Refrigeration and Industrial cold.

Two Cooling Units Cooling Towers

Two Cooling Units Cooling Towers_

  • Open cooling towers with 30 MW available
  • Closed cooling towers with 30 MW available

Air-water, with 22 MW available. Therefore, the air is moved through fans in large quantities to ensure good heat exchange.

Water-water with 10 MW available. First, they benefit from the specific heat of the water and its latent heat of vaporization. Second, they require a water supply network and allow a constant and high COP to be maintained throughout the season.

  • Air heaters or Dry Coolers
  • Chiller
  • Our cooling towers produce cold water for all kinds of industrial applications.

Also, you should know that our equipment is designed to work in unfavorable environmental conditions of heat or cold and built to be located outdoors.

Rental Of Industrial Cooling Towers

Our Industrial Cooling Towers Services

Keep Critical Systems Up And Running

We have the largest fleet of modular cooling towers and driving, pumping, and power generation equipment. We have designed our cooling towers to take up little space and can be connected to handle any thermal load.

Our cooling towers are quick to install, and because of their modular design, we can combine them for use on larger, high-megawatt projects.

Our Industrial Cooling Towers Services

  • Maintain production during cooling tower repair or maintenance
  • Maximize your presentation during the hot summer months or periods of high demand
  • Reduce costly downtime after a catastrophe or breakdown
  • Meet, even in excess, environmental and safety standards for evaporative cooling towers
  • Benefit from economical cooling that saves energy

Environmental Compliance Cooling Towers

Plants that rely on cooling water from rivers, lakes, or oceans may encounter problems due to changes in water level, ambient temperatures, regulations, or temperature-sensitive microorganisms. Our engineers are Experience in finding solutions to these challenges. By fully or partially cooling the plant’s water. We can help you meet production demands without exceeding authorized process limits.

Higher Production Cooling Towers

A limit number of cooling towers restricts the productivity of your plant, especially in warmer ambient temperatures. We can help you by adding our cooling towers to work alongside yours, temporarily increasing your cooling capacity

This way, you can optimize production levels, meet seasonal peaks in demand, respond to rising ambient temperatures, and avoid immediate capital investment.

Emergency Replacement Of Cooling Towers

If a cooling tower fails, you need to act quickly. Our temperature control team will work quickly to design and commission a cooling tower rental package that will get you back up and running in the shortest possible time.

Commercial Facilities Cooling Towers

Many hospitals, offices, And also  schools rely on cooling towers for comfort cooling. But if a tower breaks down in the heat of summer, And also conditions can quickly deteriorate. Aggreko can provide towers and HVAC systems to cool buildings while your permanent plant is repair or replace.

Whether you need a temporary solution to get by or a long-term weatherization solution, we can work with you to devise a cost-effective action plan.

Temporary chillers can be supply for short or long-term rental and can be quickly and efficiently connected to cover a plan maintenance period or an emergency. Alternatively, our rental chillers can be install to increase capacity during the summer months or for stand-alone systems to meet demand at specific times.

Range Of Rental Cooling Towers

A wide range of rental Cooling Towers has been designed to cover most potential customer needs. They are part of the rental cooling fleet: water chillers, And also dry air chillers, cooling towers, and additional equipment.

Our technicians will install the rental chillers in the place you indicate, And also  you will have a complete assistance service during the entire rental period.

Our installation method is highly efficient as we use quick connect couplings and flexible tubing. This installation method provides a fast, efficient, and robust temporary cooling system, offering customers the minimum possible downtime and the highest performance levels.


All our cooling towers for rent are semi-new, in perfect condition, and thoroughly revised. And also Cooling towers with guaranteed quality and efficiency. Extensive facilities and many industries need machines to control the right temperature. In addition, And also we have a wide variety of cooling towers. Likewise, we consider the needs and particularities of each case, installation, and our clients.

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