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tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official – 2023

About tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official

In this article, we are discussing the telegram resolving term known as tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app focusing on security and speed. A small Node.js library that resolves Telegram @username using shortcut. Visit Snyk Advisor for a complete health score report for telegram-resolve-username, including popularity, security, maintenance & community analysis. A light Node.js Library that resolves Telegram usernames and ids to a full User or/and Chat JSON object(s).

What Do You Mean By Domain?

What Do You Mean By Domain_


A domain may refer to any of the following:

  1. When mentioning an Internet address or name, a domain or its name is a website’s position. For instance, the domain name “” points to the IP address “”. Generally, it’s easier to recollect a name rather than a long string of numbers. Thus, a domain name contains a maximum of sixty-three characters, with one character minimum, and also, it comes after the URL protocol.
  2. When discussing a computer network, a domain is a group of resources allotted to a specific group of individuals. It is working to divide global areas or departments of a corporation. A domain must be specified when mapping a network computer or drive.

What Is [tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official]?

What Is [tg_resolve_domain=forsageio_official]_

Forsage is the No.1 smart contract for starting and developing a blockchain-powered online business. Forsage operates as a decentralized platform connecting people worldwide and has provided unlimited opportunities for new economics since 2020. The Forsage Community is 2,000,000+ people from 200+ countries around the globe, and their total turnover exceeded 1,000,000,000 US dollars!

Why is Forsage the best alternative to trading?

  • The cryptocurrency rate does not affect the sustainability of the rewards.
  • The minimum entry threshold equals just a couple of cups of coffee.
  • There is no need to wait for payouts – funds come instantly to your wallet.
  • Rewards always depend only on the actions of the participant.
  • The participant can receive the reward indefinitely if he expands his team.

Is safe?

The functioning of Forsage is fully blockchain-protected, and the participant leaves no personal data and has only his cryptocurrency wallet address connected via WEB 3.0 technology as a login. The entire Forsage infrastructure originates on the operation of tamper-proof intelligent contracts. Thus, the website is simply a projection of data from the blockchain, and it makes no sense to hack into the website.

Background tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official

Background tg_resolve_domain=forsageio_official

The official Telegram API does not allow bots to resolve usernames/ids out of the box, and also, creating a database to resolve usernames is obligatory. Resolving usernames is particularly useful because a bot can get a user/chat id of a person or group it hasn’t seen. Unlike before, a bot can only see a person if it has ever received their message, whether in private or group.

Applicable Scenarios For tg:resolve?domain=forsageio_official

  • Group administration bots
  • In a bot that has lost its database but users had previously started the bot
  • General resolving to get user details, e.g. UResolverBot
  • And also, much more!


$ npm install tg-resolve –save


const tgresolve = require(“tg-resolve”);

// using the ‘bare’ function

tgresolve(token, “@kamikazechaser”, function(error, result) {

// … handle error …



// you can create a client (referred to as ‘resolver’)

// that you can repeatedly use

const resolver = new tgresolver.Tgresolve(token);

// using the ‘resolver’

resolver.tgresolve(“@kamikazechaser”, function(error, result) {

// … handle error …



Results For Example

When resolving for a Group/Channel


id: -1001065761006,

title: “End Of The World Party”,

username: “EOTWGroup”,

type: “supergroup”,

when: “2016-10-18 11:22:56”


When resolving for a User


id: 58258161,

first_name: “John”,

username: “john_doe”,

type: “private”,

last_name: “Doe”,

when: “2016-10-18 11:22:56”


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