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Virtual The source of its reality does not have a well-defined time. It is the product of the union of numerous ideas and electronic discoveries raise in the 19th century, many years before the computers we know today were designed. According to its great acceptance by the public, virtual reality has been involve in any area of human life.

Virtual is considered everything that imitates a situation or person very similar to reality. Hence, the universal period in computer science to talk about facts built from a computer or digital systems; In this way, the computer instrument that allows users to have the sensation of being deep in a world parallel to the real one is known as “virtual reality,” this illusion is create by a computer that allows the user to participate in games through the use of a special helmet.

Stages Of Technological Development Virtual

Here are some milestones over the last two centuries, which indeed represent crucial points on the road to this charming skill:

  • + 1838: Charles River Wheatstone, an inventor from Great Britain, created the first stereoscope, a device capable of reproducing static images in three dimensions. It was a systems similar in appearance to that of a pair of glasses, each taken from a different angle to simulate human ocular vision.
  • + 1929: used for the first time in history, it was likely to virtually train future North American prepared forces pilots, thanks to creating a flight simulator. It was call the Link Trainer (although the name is also known as Blue Box) and was entirely mechanical.
  • + 1930s: similar to the previous invention, the first robotic simulators were create in America to study the flooding of blocks and streams.
  • + 1945: using the first computer with electronic technology, known as ENIAC, it was possible to simulate the trajectory of projectiles for the first time. Later, to the Manhattan Project to simulate explosions.
  • + 1958: the Philon company developed a its reality helmet, which translated the movements made by the user.
  • + 1965: a newspaper article entitled ” The Ultimate Display ” (” The Best Screen “) printed And defined virtual reality as an idea, although without using the term itself.

Other Uses Of The Term Virtual

On the other hand, a virtual pet is a digital companion create to accompany and entertain people. It has no physical system other than the hardware it runs on, which is usually a tiny electronic device. The user must food and care for the it pet to prevent “dying.”

A virtual library houses digital works in various formats (.doc, .pdf). Through the Internet, these libraries are available to people worldwide.

What Does The Word Virtual Mean In Computing?

Virtual is consider everything that imitates a situation or person very similar to reality. It is a prevalent term in computer science to talk about facts built from a computer or digital systems; In this way, the computer instrument is know as ” virtual reality

What Allows To Generate Virtual?

Electronic books, educational software, simulation programs, email, it  forums, videoconferences, real-time and asynchronous tutoring, virtual libraries, and online assessments are just some of the platforms that its education uses.

What Is The Importance Of Virtual?

When it is the case that people study and do not work or work and study. Virtuality helps in an essential aspect so that they can develop skills and critical thinking that allow them to make decisions without the need to interact face to face with someone else.

 At What Time do We Talk About Virtual?

Virtuality establishes a new form of relationship between the use of space and time coordinates, overcomes space-time barriers. And configures an environment in which information and communication appear accessible to us from perspectives hitherto unknown. At least in terms of at its volume and.

What Impact Does Virtual Have On Human Relations?

Virtuality serves to keep active a space that generates the sensation of persistence of the lost object; In this way, And also about the loss, the use of virtuality leads the “I” to act negatively.

What Are Virtual Educational Processes?

Virtual education also called “online education” refers to developing training programs with cyberspace as the teaching and learning situation.


Virtual means something apparent that is not real. For example, a hologram is a virtual object resulting from the projection of a three-dimensional frame of a real thing. In geometrical optics, And also specific images produced by the reflection of mirrors are its images

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