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What Is Website Push Notifications 2022


Website Push notifications are short messages that a web resource sends to desktop and mobile subscribers. Such notifications return the user to the site they have already visited (and do so much more effectively than contextual advertising or any other type of mass mailing). The push technical possibilities allow you to develop a more productive and “responsive” marketing strategy to user behavior.

Push notifications appear on top of open windows delayed for a while on the screen of desktop devices. In Windows 10 and macOS, push notifications after being displayed on the screen go to the Notification Center, where you can read them later. On mobile devices (for example, Android OS), push notifications arrive even with the browser closed.

It is essential to be clear that although these notifications are more frequent on mobile devices, they are also increasingly used on the Internet. Through a subscription system, brands can send you push notifications.

Advantages Of Website Push Notifications

It is clear what push notifications are. Therefore, they should not mix with text messages. Texts and push notifications are so similar that there are times when they are spoken of as if they were the same thing. Both reach a user’s mobile device and must fit within strict character limits.

However, despite having similar characteristics, there are some marked differences. So why are push notifications said to be better? But what are push notifications, and how are they different from text messages? It is essential to clarify the difference between these two types of actions.

They are regularly considering the same marketing technique, which is a mistake. Hence the refusal of marketing managers and users to receive these types of notifications. However, push notifications are non-intrusive messages since the user himself decides if he wants to receive them and how.

The Price Of Website Push Notifications

Cost is one of the most significant differences. Many users do not have unlimited texting rates and charge for each text you send as a brand. It can make users angry and create a bad brand image. Push notifications, on the other hand, are unlimited and free.

Opt-In / Opt-Out

The opt-in/opt-out dynamic also favors push notifications regarding user attitude. People have complete control over which apps send them messages and can even specify what types of reports they want from each app.

Text messages, however, are often unsolicited. In fact, due to the sale of phone number lists between companies, some users may receive unwanted text messages. Hence the tremendous negative fame of push notifications. Since users often confuse text messages with these types of reports.

Improve Engagement

Therefore, if you are clear about what push notifications are, you will know that they are not intrusive. Push notifications also increase engagement and also improve user retention rates.

Therefore, they can not only help drive a specific activity with the message but also help increase ROI. Push notifications fulfill a double function because, besides offering a series of benefits, the brand manages to improve its engagement.

Modify Your Website Push Notifications

The applications through which push notifications are direct have the possibility of being personalized. In this method, you will be able to attract your customers or give signs that your brand is still alive.

For example, you can send an efficiently designed push notification message in seconds and offer users a 10% discount on some action you propose. Not only does this help attract new customers, but it can also help increase your customer loyalty rate.

Tips To Keep What Website Push notifications

Avoid Being Pushy

Push notifications already have enough of a bad reputation for you to have it as a brand too. So use the benefits of push notifications and don’t be pushy. Bet on a bit of advertising language.

For example, ” We are giving away a 20% discount to the first 100 people who buy our new product ” instead of ” Click here if you want to get a 20% discount for our new product “. Notice the difference?

Do not forget that it is a message sent to the consumer and has a limited number of characters to write. Please make the most of them. Avoid robotic language and always be clear about the benefits for the consumer. Work on the content marketing strategies you consider for other types of actions.

Be Clear About Your Goal

It makes no sense to send the same message to all your users. Therefore, the tools through which push notifications can create virtual boundaries. If a user enters those limits after a while, a message It sent to them. For example, a report can send to those who have visited a specific website.

It dramatically decreases the chances of annoying people with irrelevant notifications. For example, imagine that you are a restaurant chain and you will open a new one in a place where you had no presence until now. Do you think that the best way to notify all your users is through a push notification?

Send Notifications On Specific Days And Times

Because poorly planned push notifications can drive people away as quickly as they came, it’s essential to consider your user’s lifestyle and habits. In addition, some studies show that the effectiveness of push notifications has increased during the pandemic, so it would be inconvenient to waste their potential by not investigating the best time to explore them.

The user is considered somewhat busier at the beginning of the week than the rest of the days. Therefore, he is more receptive to receiving information from brands from Tuesday to Friday.

Nor should we be obsessed with what the studies say. Each brand has a specific type of buyer persona. Analyze who and how your potential customers are. Thus, you will have more opportunities to achieve absolute success with your push notifications.

Appreciate Your Position As A Brand

Getting users to agree to bombard with push notifications is not easy. Therefore, you must be clear that your position as a brand is privileged.

However, it would help if you did not overdo their confidence, or they will leave quickly. Although they have given you the option of receiving your news on mobile phones or digital platforms, they consider you attractive.


Website Push notifications have high open rates. As a result, these well-executed strategies can even get ahead of email marketing. But the downside is that if you don’t do your job as a brand well, users can easily interpret Website Push notifications as unfavorable.

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