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What Is Advertising? – Effects, History, Importance, and More


Advertising can be understood as a message formula paid by companies to promote in the different media available in the market. Though, given the number of mediums in which business can advertise, search engine ads, display, social networks, email marketing, etc.

Deciding on the media plan is one of the most critical strategic phases when creating an advertising campaign. Along with measurement, the key to making the most appropriate decisions is to enhance the brand’s image, notoriety, and sales. Depending on the business objectives, some advertising formats or others should be used.

Advertising Effects Of Information

Advertising Effects Of Information

Advertising influences their behavior by giving them information about somewhat, which can be a good or service. In this way, the aim is to become more purchasers or followers.

So, we could summarize all this in that we speak of advertising. As a communication with a good intention that seeks to stimulate the ingesting of a product. It is one of the numerous tools that advertising has to attract the care of future clients.

Advertisers or backers are organizations that want to promote their products or services. So they try to seek the most significant possible reach and the most excellent possible efficiency. To do this, you need to be directing your target spectators and target marketplace. Advertisers or backers can be a company, an NGO, or any official entity.

History Of Advertising And Its Beginning

The origin of advertising as a discipline arises in the eighteenth century with the Industrial Rebellion’s growth and the French Revolution. There are indeed various examples of commercial advertisements pending that date. We already find an example of this in the first people, such as Sumerian, where it was shared for merchants to shout to attract buyers by informing them about the merchandise they were selling.

What Are The Objectives Of Advertising?

Many Advertising aims to highlight the product’s strengths to create a sense of need in the consumer, interest in acquiring it, or simply its recall. In other words, the purpose of publicity is to be noticed and influenced.

We can differentiate two types of advertising rendering to their objective:

  • Call to act: Its objective is to encourage the customer to buy the product or service or for the customer to take some action that brings him closer to this acquisition.
  • Branding: It is the process of creating a brand. It refers to all the marketing plans used to build its identity.

To achieve the objectives set by this definition, communication must be carry out using the media and other increasingly numerous and varied information channels due to the exponential digital growth that we are experiencing.

Categories Of Advertising

So far, we have seen an introduction, a summary of the history of advertising and the main features. However, as you may have noticed, it is not exactly a tiny discipline.

Although the type of advertising in which the most is invest is digital or online advertising, remember that you must study the case of each company or business well. Since there are businesses in which advertising online does not significantly impact sales. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that advertising does not always seek to impact sales directly. Sometimes, brands, companies, or institutions use advertising to transmit an image or specific values.

Importance Of Advertising

But beyond increasing sales, what is the importance of it? We will tell you more about it below.

Inform And Educate The Public

People have access to information about innovations, processes, and options that help them decide what they consume. In addition to learning about brands or products, they know where components come from, how they work, and why they should try them.

Finance Relevant Spaces

Non-profit organizations, cultural spaces, or relevant content platforms rely on the sale of it space to exist. Magazines, museums, institutions, or programs focused on social welfare keep their costs accessible to the public (or do not even charge) thanks to the rental of spaces for it, which will allow you to obtain margins without having to sacrifice the budget for salaries and payment to suppliers while funding these initiatives.

Allow Competition

Since advertising is a strategy that uses different media and very varied actions, companies and brands can choose everything that fits their budgets, objectives, and the type of audiences they are targeting. This opens the door to the diversity of offers that add value to the industry and the market, allowing healthy competition.

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