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The Techies Blog is a technology and media company dedicated to providing breakthrough technology news worldwide. The Techies Blog includes technology news, editorial information, top guides, trends, devices, and research worldwide.

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Who Are We? is a project born as a private blog written by professional techies and digital marketers. It is dedicated to the whole thing we like and are interested in. It began publication in 2020, even though the first entries come from the same year.

We usually describe it as a popular site about technology, science, gadget, IoT, AI, and any latest technology and popular products. Internet and much more, but the reality is that it is more complex than all that: it has a lot of notes on humor and other very numerous topics that interest us authors, and games, aviation, of chance, urban legends, gadgets, large or small conspiracies or puzzles, We The Techies Blog also publish movies and books reviews, some personal experience, from our respective jobs or close people, and anything else that we feel like to do.

The Techies Blog, Rules, and Advice that answers the Frequently Asked Questions. Occasionally we publish annotations related to those we write in other thematic blogs, magazines, or newspapers, with which we collaborate or work together. This is because we write down or create articles for companies, agencies, and other specialized and professional blogs and magazines in addition to this space.

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Our mission at The Techies Blog is to make technology more transparent and informative. Throughout the technological saga, populations use smart phones to make more informed decisions. Today, The Techies Blog offers the most valuable gadgets, how-to guides, technology trends, guides and news in the technology industry. The Techies Blog wants this information to be accessible to as many people as possible.

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