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Cryptography + Write for Us + guest posting – Submit and Contribute Post.

Cryptography + Write for Us + guest posting – Submit and Contribute Post.

Cryptography + Write for Us

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Cryptography + Write For Us Submissions:

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is the practice & study of techniques to secure communication and protect information from unauthorized access or alteration. It involves the use of mathematical algorithms and principles to convert plain text or data into a form that is unintelligible (cipher text) to anyone who does not possess the key to decrypt it.

The primary goals of cryptography are confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation:

  1. Confidentiality ensures that only authorized individuals or entities can access and understand the information. Encryption is the core technique used to achieve confidentiality.
  2. Integrity: Cryptographic techniques help ensure that information remains intact and unaltered during transmission or storage. If any unauthorized changes occur, they can be detected.
  3. Authentication: Cryptography allows the verification of the identity of the parties involved in a communication, ensuring that the sender and receiver are who they claim to be.
  4. Non-repudiation: This property prevents the sender of a message from denying its transmission and the receiver from denying its receipt.

Cryptographic algorithms can be broadly categorized into two types:

  1. Symmetric-key cryptography: The same key is used for encryption and decryption in this approach. The sender and receiver must possess the shared secret key to communicate securely. The challenge lies in distributing and managing the keys securely.
  2. Asymmetric-key cryptography (Public-key cryptography): A pair of mathematically related keys are use: public and private keys. The public key is use for encryption, while the private key is used for decoding. Anyone can use the public key to code a message, but only the recipient with the corresponding private key can decrypt it.

Cryptography plays a crucial role in various applications, including securing online transactions, protecting sensitive data, authenticating users in digital systems, enabling secure communication channels, and underpinning the security of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As technology advances, so does the field of cryptography, leading to the development of more robust and more secure algorithms to meet the challenges posed by evolving threats.

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Why Write for The Techies Blog –  Cryptography Write for Us

Why Write for The Techies Blog –  Cryptography Write for Us

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