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Marketing Funnel Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Post

Marketing Funnel Write For Us

Marketing Funnel Write For Us

We’re seeking passionate industry professionals to write thought leadership articles for The Techies Blog. Contributing insightful articles enhances your credibility, increases brand recognition, and boosts your reputation as a critical influencer in the industry. Our current marketing contributors lead the way in industry discussion, analysis, and thought leadership and use their expertise to engage with our audience.

We’re always looking to explore new voices and discover talented authors. If you’ve got an idea then we’d love to hear it! In order to become a guest writer for the The Techies Blog platform there a few things you need to know – from guidelines and submission requirements, to topics you can write on. You’ll find everything you need to know in the following page.

The topics include technology, small business, cyber security, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), education, blockchain, fashion, sports, social media, SEO, hosting, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps/reviews, marketing, and business blogging, startups, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

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What Is A Marketing Funnel? Explain It With Benefits?

What Is A Marketing Funnel_ Explain It With Benefits_

A marketing funnel is a sequence of stages to guide predictions through the customer journey. The funnel helps marketing’s squads strategy and measure efforts to fascinate, engage, and convert prospects through content and other sales materials, like landing pages and ads. Marketing funnels are commonly based on the term ‘AIDA’ model, which means; Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Benefits Of Marketing Funnel

  • Marketing funnels make simpler the customer journey and make it easier for businesses to follow.
  • These solutions map out each phase of their client’s decision procedure and plan the steps they want to take.
  • A marketing funnel spreads over to almost any customer collaboration.

Stages Of The Marketing Funnel

Stage 1: Awareness

Brand awareness is familiarity with a brand, including its name, messaging, tone and style, values, and culture. Brand awareness begins with consumer research and includes attracting customers to a brand and helping them recognize and remember service.

Stage 2: Consideration

Consideration marketing aims to increase consumers’ likelihood of considering a particular brand and its products when shopping. Marketing emails should address a pain point, highlight an interest, or answer a question for consumers.

Stage 3: Conversion

The motto of the conversion stage is to encourage shoppers to buy a product or service because they believe the brand they’ve selected is the right solution to their issues or meets their needs.

Stage 4: Loyalty

Brands can foster loyalty by providing a unified purchase experience and delivering quality products or services. By following up and fostering connections with consumers after purchase, brands can stay top of mind for shoppers.

What Are the Three Steps In The Marketing Funnel?

A funnel describes the steps an individual takes to become your customer. It consists of three parts:

  1. The top of the funnel is the marketing’s that attracts prospects to your business (e.g., the advertising on your physical storefront or the landing page of your website).
  2. The middle of the funnel involves all the parts of your sales process before the sale (e.g., people trying on clothing in your store or website visitors reading about the benefits of your products).
  3. The bottom of the funnel is the final purchase (e.g., customers paying for clothes at checkout or website customers entering their credit card info to complete a purchase).

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Marketing Funnel Write for Us

Why Write for The Techies Blog

Benefits of Writing For Us

  • Gets the ability to post a professionally revised article on Global’s Site and reach 5,000+ users/month.
  • Rise your reputation online by counting an author and company bio as well as with your professional profile image
  • Improve Reach by getting your post shared with TTB followers.
  • Get backlinks to boost SEO.
  • Your commitment is flexible; you can submit content according to your schedule.
  • Inbound link: You can significantly raise your SERP ranking by acquiring high-quality natural backlinks (do-follow links).

Guidelines of the Article – Marketing Funnel Write for Us

Guidelines For The Techies Blog

You can send your article to

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