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Sales Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Post

Sales Write For Us

Sales Write For Us

Sales Write For Us- The TheTechiesBlog is a diverse platform for discussing sales ideas, technology, strategies, software, and skills. Our blog helps our readers to improve their selling skills and refine their sales strategy.

We invite fresh perspectives on sales from around the world, preferably if you own a business or head a sales or marketing team. Our main goal is to provide informative and quality content for web professionals – developers, programmers, freelancers, students, and site owners.

Our blog caters to sales management, technology, business development, marketing, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), education, blockchain, social media, SEO, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps/reviews, marketing blogging, and Entertainment. To Write for Us, you can email us at

What are Sales?

A transaction that includes exchanging services or goods for a certain amount of money is a sale. In sales, any activity involves transferring the ownership of a good or commodity to the buyer in exchange for a monetary price.

What Is The Role Of Sales?

Sales representatives are the primary point of interaction between a business and its customers. Sales agents ensure current customers have the right products and services, recognize new markets and customer leads, and pitch prospective customers.

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Sales Write for Us

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Sales Write for Us

Critical Requirements for Your Guest Post

  • We only accept original work that has not been available before.
  • Data-driven and factually correct piece of minimum 1000 words (1500 is perfect);
  • Make your article actionable: include advice, tips, and examples, and end your post with 3-5 takeaways or the next steps. Your article should provide the “why” and the “how.”
  • Include a 1-2 sentence summary of your article at the top underneath your title. Tell the audience what you will talk about and why it matters.
  • Your text should be SEO-optimized, containing relevant keywords (we recommend using Ahrefs or Semrush, paid tools).
  • Make your article readable and visually appealing. Use short sentences along with short paragraphs (3-4 sentences per paragraph is perfect). Include images (referring to their sources), use bullet points, numbered lists, and other visual elements.
  • No blatant self-promotion, and DO NOT try to sell in your article. You may include one link to your website or blog post. However, it should fit naturally and along with the other tools mentioned.

Editorial Process For Guest Post

Our editorial process ensures that we provide our readers with the most accurate, relevant, and accessible content to help them grow. If you’re a writer, you know the editorial process’s importance, which is a crucial component in any piece of writing. Our editorial process ensures we provide our readers with the best possible information.

Here are a few key elements:

1) Trusted: Our team of experts vets all content for accuracy before publication. Our editorial process can design to ensure trustworthiness, and we only publish information supported by research and verified and reviewed by our editors.

2) Accessible: Content is easy to find and navigate, whether looking for information about a specific product or general tips and advice. Communication is always easy to find and easy to understand.

3) Accurate: We only publish information supported by research and verified by our team of experts. Our content is verified by experts and reviewed by our team of editors.

4) Timely: We keep our content up-to-date with the news and industry trends.


TheTechiesBlog takes plagiarism more seriously. We’ve used a plagiarism checker tool to ensure the articles are unique and original.

If the article has copied content, we will find out. If we find out that the article had been copied from somewhere, you will get blocked for submitting the article at TheTechiesBlog.

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Guidelines of the Article – Sales Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article – Sales Write for Us

You can send your article to

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