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Tech News Write For Us

Tech News Write For Us

Tech News Write For Us – The Techies Blog is a news-consumption destination for everyone interested in reading tech news, updates, trends, technology, business ideas, finance, future tech articles, and more. Our audience includes techies and non-techies belonging to multiple industries, which makes it the right place to guest-post tech companies and businesses.

We’re seeking passionate industry professionals to contribute thought leadership articles to developers. Contributing insightful articles enhances your credibility, increases brand recognition, and boosts your Reputation as a primary influencer in the industry.

Our publication provides a means for our writers to promote their industry insight to a vast developer community. Thetechiesblog current contributors range from industry experts, analysts, operators, app store owners, and technology evangelists. Our content covers a variety of essential subjects, including:

  • Technology news
  • Competitive advice
  • Coding tips
  • Discoverability challenges and strategies
  • Information for developers to maximize their earnings.

Effective thought leadership & advertorial

Assuming the content lights editorial quality standards, this will help promote yourself or your brand by publishing genuine quality content that brings practical or strategic advice and determines true industry thought leadership.

We will not publish any advertorial, copy, or articles covering excessive links as editorials, but you are allowed a biography, profile, and link next to the article. If in doubt, please check our site first.

Become an official Developer contributor

Sharing your expertise with our audience and engaging with industry professionals worldwide is simple. We started this site, The Techies Blog, as a content hub for our readers and helped bloggers monetize their writing skills. We encourage others to tap into their creativity & tell the story.

Topics We Accept!

Technology, business, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), education, blockchain, social media, SEO, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps/reviews, marketing blogging, and Entertainment are the topics we publish on our website Thetechiesblog.

To Submit Your Articles, you can email us at

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Tech News Write for Us

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Tech News Write for Us

Benefits of Writing Guest For Us

Guest Posting is allowed for strictly informational content- promotional content is available for sponsored posts on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will give you credibility for writing guest posts in addition to the following items:

  • We can post a Professionally Edited article on Global’s Site and reach 5,000+ users/per month.
  • Increase your Reputation Online by including an author, company bio, and professional profile picture.
  • Our blog has a broad audience, and our readership continues to grow. Our guest posts get massive traffic.
  • We will index your articles and make sure they are enhancing SEO.
  • Improve Reach of Social Media Channels by Including links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or any other approved Social Channel.
  • Get a suitable referral hyperlink: Submit a visitor and get exceptional hyperlinks using visitor publish. And get more significant visitors to your website.
  • Natural backlink: Get a herbal hyperlink; it undoubtedly facilitates boosting the cost of your website. And you understand that Google counts the number of visitors published as a hyperlink.
  • Lifetime: Your article will be published on our website for your entire life.

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Guidelines of the Article – Tech News Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article – Tech News Write for Us

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