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Android Technology Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Post

Android Technology Write For Us

Android Technology Write For Us

Come on, write for The Techies Blog! We welcome people who are zealous about the business and technology of mobile apps, including in-depth knowledge of app development, web apps, tools, marketing, analytics, and testing.

At The Techies Blog, we respect different opinions and thought processes. We are always looking forward to learning and sharing a little more, so we want to invite talented content creators to write for us. Our goal is to build an open and collaborative environment for our blog. We firmly believe that guest blogging should be easy if you love sharing your knowledge and care for your audience.

The topics include technology, small business, cyber security, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), education, blockchain, fashion, sports, social media, SEO, hosting, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps/reviews, marketing, and business blogging, startups, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

How To Submit An Article?

To Submit Your Articles, you can email us at

What Are Android Technologies?

Android technology is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. It was designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, with variants for television, cars and wristwear. It is one of the most widely used mobile OS these days.

What Are The Main Features Of [Android Technology]?

Here are the features of the Android Operating System;

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Most Android devices support NFC, allowing electronic devices to interact easily across short distances.
  • Infrared Transmission.
  • Automation.
  • Wireless App Downloads.
  • Storage and Battery Swap.
  • Custom Home Screens.
  • Widgets.
  • Custom ROMs.

Which Is The Latest Android Technology?

Which Is The Latest Android Technology_

Android 12 is a cause for our safety. With new easy-to-use, powerful privacy features, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have control over who can see your data and when. With Android 12 technology, you can see when an app is using your microphone or camera thanks to a new indicator in your phone’s status bar. And if you don’t want any apps to access your microphone or camera, you can altogether disable those sensors using two new toggles in quick settings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Android Technology


  1. Android is an open-source platform allowing UI customization.
  2. It supports multiple running apps simultaneously
  3. Supports cloud storage enabling sync of devices with G-account.
  4. Expandable memory & runs on large affordable devices.
  5. Continual improvement & removal of old features.
  6. We can choose from any device.
  7. It supports 3rd party widgets & information display on the screen.


  1. It runs slow on low-specification devices.
  2. Google account is mandatory to use Play Store.
  3. These technologies don’t offer premium virus protection.
  4. Often apps are lousy quality, disappointing users.
  5. Apps continue to run in the background.
  6. Users boomeranged with ads in apps
  7. Often totally new app ideas are challenging to execute.

How to Update Your Articles?

To Write for Us, you can email us at

Why Write for The Techies Blog – Android Technology Write for Us

Why Write for The Techies Blog

How Do You Benefit?

Working with The Techies Blog provides you access to the following:

  • A place to share your views with the world and access our global audience of readers.
  • Get the chance to network and interact with our global community of partners and leaders in the Android space.
  • Your commitment is flexible; you can submit content according to your schedule.
  • Inbound link: You can significantly raise your SERP ranking by acquiring high-quality natural backlinks (do-follow links). Furthermore, Google will view this relationship as natural, absolving your website of penalties.
  • The length of life Post: This entry will be online forever on our blog. We are genuine and will always keep your guest post on my blog, unlike some guest posting services that would delete your work after a specific time.

What Are We Looking For?

We want to find writers passionate about blockchain and would like to share their exciting views on blockchain and any news they find valuable. The Techies Blog is looking for like-minded people to help filter through all the noise in the space and highlight the most valuable content to readers.

Here are some examples of issues that you can write for us (unique content articles get published):

  • You can write for us, choosing the topics mentioned above in the introduction
  • App Reviews If those who are written from an unbiased perspective and are very detailed
  • Mobile app development tips, advice, case studies, or the experience of developers or users who work in this field
  • Stories and experiences of developing applications/games(ie. launching an application, integrating ads …)
  • Success stories from developers who want to share their tips
  • Analysis of the mobile application industry

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Guidelines of the Article – Android Technology Write for Us

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