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Business Reputation Management?

Reputation Management A company’s reputation is one of the best letters of introduction that you can count on; that is why large corporations set up public image and dissemination departments that carefully control every point, behavior, and communication channel that the company has with the customer: general, partners and potential investors.

The above is one of the biggest goals when launching a website: to reach the first places on the main page of Google searches; It is a matter of particular numbers. Google has been at the forefront of search engines for many years, as it has become the most widely used search engine globally. It is said that more than two billion searches are carry out on this portal every day. Both on desktop computers and on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. Tells us that a well-positioned page has a much greater projection and better commercial coverage.

Recovering Understanding Of Seo Techniques Reputation Management

A better understanding of SEO techniques has allowed the creation of new, much more specific, and less expensive strategies to achieve better positions within the Google index. A few years ago, one of the most common methods to gain a better web positioning was the payment of campaigns in Google AdWords, which allows us to appear in the first places of search (in the ad network); However, this strategy is temporary, since the ads only occur while the client pays them. It is easier to position the content you want to show with this. So why invest in web reputation management?

  • Over 80% of online consumers trust recommendations on social media, forums, and reviews as a personal recommendation from someone who has purchased a product or service.
  • 90% of internet users base their judgments on the opinions of others.
  • After reading positive reviews, more than half of consumers decide to visit a website (or even a physical store) because it generates more confidence.
  • The opinions most taken into account are recent; Opinions older than five months lose their value. Same case when it is detected that the views are false or come from the staff or owners of the company.
  • After reading its negative comments, more than half of consumers choose not to purchase a product or service.
  • Only 5% of Internet users do not consider comments and opinions part of their online purchase decision.
  • 80% of internet users conduct research on different companies before making a purchase.
  • Nine out of ten buyers research what they want to buy, so they have already made a purchase decision when they arrive at a store (whether virtual or physical).
  • Because 75% of online shoppers want their purchases to be intelligent and safe, a brand with a bad reputation will not be the ideal place to buy.
  • Because even users who are not brands, such as doctors, users seek information before purchasing their services, and more than half of them are rejected if negative comments are found.

Digital Emergency Reputation Management

A social media crisis arises due to an uncontrollable and usually unpredictable event that can negatively impact your brand’s reputation or profitability.

When faced with nasty comments or crises, it is vital to have contingency and reaction plans, which begin with the definition of potential scenarios, actions, and consequences to deal with negative comments and stop or control the spread of the problem. Remember that there is no better way to stop criticism than by attending to it immediately by applying our crisis management and management plan.


Be clear so that your users have a good relationship of trust with your company. Show your data, and prove that your product works. Show your product or service, show actual data, and what to do to improve and grow as a personal brand or company. Tell the truth if you cannot provide your user with the solution they are looking for. Telling the truth will always give your brand a good image, and you will not waste anyone’s time.

Accessibility And Proximity

Seek to make your brand accessible and close since we all like to interact. Users interact with brands through various means, such as social networks. Take advantage of these platforms to get closer to your users or community to establish a connection and strengthen communication. If your followers talk about you, do not hesitate to speak with them directly and between equals. In this way, users will become loyal and identify with your brand. Dialogue and connection are keywords in this section.

Efficiency And Speed Of Response

Do not make your users or customers wait. They get bored fast. Try to respond as soon as possible to the comments or queries written to you. The emails, the tickets. And the messages on Facebook. If you let too much time pass. The relationship with your client or user can cool down. Which is not the goal of good online reputation management.

Kindness In Treatment

Take most care in dealing with the client, and be kind and respectful. Education is the key to responding to customer requests and comments. If a user makes a disrespectful or negative comment to you, do not lose your temper. Continue to respond respectfully and politely even to those comments that could damage your reputation. Flip the cake and use them to find out why that customer or user is dissatisfied. And be ready to help or find a solution. Try to understand why they think badly about you to find bugs. Aspects to polish, or things to improve your systems, platform, or person.

Surround Yourself With The Best

For good online reputation management. Establish links with recognized people within your sector to increase the trust of your customers or users. In this way, you can convey that you are a person or brand that knows what they are talking about. Likewise, you will be able to reinforce your knowledge by surrounding yourself with other experts. And opportunities will open up that will help you grow in your business.

Testimonials And Reviews

Before purchasing a product, most people check the comments of others about that product. Seeing others commenting encourages other users or customers to come to you. For example, if our friends like a product, we may want to have it. For this reason. We recommend you place a section for the testimonials or opinions of your clients. So that your online reputation and credibility grow.

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