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What Is A Web Project? – Phases For Planning, and More


Web Project The term ” web project ” can designate different development types, including technical creation, content management, data, graphic design, and all marketing dimensions. These developments may consist of:

  • the design of a website,
  • the creation of e-commerce,
  • the launch of an application, etc.

Phases For Planning A Successful Web Project

  1. Expression of need

A web project begins with the expression of needs, materialized in what is known as the specifications. This document, valid to assess the feasibility of the project and to calculate its costs, describes point by point:

  • the functionalities,
  • the framework of development (sector of activity),
  • the expected technical prerequisites.

Preparing a project model is helpful for a better understanding of the expected result.

  1. Constitution of the team

Once the project’s scope has been defined, it is necessary to resort to an IT service provider, a web agency, and an internal team to carry it out. This team will be able to previously evaluate the effort required to complete the project in terms of time and budget.

  1. Cost calculation and planning

The project must be evaluated in parts to calculate the costs of each of them. Later, the total cost can be calculated. In the case of a web project.

How To Write A Web Project?

The web project is an inspirational guide that will guide all the work of the web provider. It must contain valuable information about your activity, positioning, and goals, But you shouldn’t be too specific. It would help if you left a margin for the provider to develop their creativity, which is part of the value of their work.

The Key Elements Of A Website Project

The project varies considerably depending on the result you need and the type of provider you work with. You can outsource the corporate identity manual, the website development, or both. You can also choose a freelance web designer or a web agency.

The project that includes the development of the graphic identity will be, above all, a source of inspiration. It should describe the general impression and feelings you want to convey when users browse your website. The provider will choose the colors, shapes, fonts, etc., that best fit.

On the contrary, the project limited to developing a website with an already created graphic identity will be more specific. It will be a working guide that specifies your objectives, the content, and the website’s operation.

Determine The Resources Needed Website Project

With the list of tasks and deliverables, it’s time to estimate the equipment needed to carry it out.

Anticipate Contingencies

We know that it is complex and that you do not have a magic crystal ball to predict the future. But some things can be foreseen, such as holidays or vacation periods.

Steps For Planning A Web Project

Now that you have established the timing of the web page project, it is time to address the steps that you must follow in planning a web project.

By following each of these phases, you will guarantee that the web project will be a success and avoid possible misunderstandings and problems.

Other Keys To Writing A Good Web Project

Specifications And Web Project

In web page authoring, the two terms are often use interchangeably to refer to the same document type. Although they indeed have many similarities, there is some difference between them. The term “project” or “briefing” is often use to refer to the creative documents for a communication agency. In contrast, the specifications are use in IT projects and include more specific specifications for those responsible for the project.

In general, the term “terms of reference” is use more often for large projects where the client explains the functionalities that their website must have (especially when they go out to public tender, but not only in those cases).

Format And Size Of The Web Project

There is no ideal format or size for the project; it depends on the context. As a general rule, a web page project ranges from 3-5 pages for a showcase website and 8-10 pages for an e-commerce site. The specifications of a more complex website, And also  with specific requirements for a client area and a private area to edit it, can occupy several dozen pages. The project is usually prepare in Word and sent in PDF format regarding format.

The Web Project Is A Legal Document

Like the specifications, the web project is a document with legal value. In case of conflict with the provider, you will be more protected if the task specifies your objectives in all areas. Disagreements tend to be more frequent when the written documents attached to the contract or the initial budget are ambiguous or superficial.

It is not about spending hours preparing a detailed project of dozens of pages. The important thing is to record in writing the scope and objectives of the mission. And also It will be easier to go to suppliers and ask for a quote with a minimally straightforward web project. Even so, no one is free from unforeseen events, least of all when creating a website

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What Is A Web Project? - Phases For Planning, and More

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