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Marketing Complete Review Guide – Omaze is an American for-profit fundraising company that partners with charities in fundraising events. Omaze supports charities with fundraising to keep making actual changes in the world. Their vision at Omaze is to increase humanity’s giving through the power of dreams. They do this by raising money for charity by offering people the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and dream prizes.

From Where Came From

From Where Came From

Omaze started when their Co-Founders, Matt and Ryan, were coming home from an exclusive charity fundraising auction. The top bid of $15,000 courtside tickets won to watch a basketball game with their idol, Magic Johnson.

Two things happened to them: why should these unique experiences only go to the highest bidder? And how could such an epic prize only raise $15,000 for charity? Imagine if we made these chances available online and gave everyone a chance to win. It would mean many more people could participate and raise more money for charity. Soon, the idea took on a life of its own, and Omaze was born.

What Can You Win on

What Can You Win on

  • Omaze offers fantastic prizes, including large sums of money, cars, houses, vacations, and celebrity experiences. The big-name celebrities are what helped give Omaze its validity.
  • Earlier, Omaze winners visited the Star Wars set, met the Game of Thrones cast, and hung out with Matt Damon. Celebrities also help promote some prizes if it’s supporting a charity they associate with.
  • Omaze offers “early bird” prizes as part of the larger draws. Since the interests are usually open for months, these prizes get dished out over the weeks. It’s intends to get you to enter as soon as possible, in fear of missing out. Similarly, to the UK case, early bird prizes on a draw for a house have £100,000 comprised.
  • Consequently, if you win one of these, you can, in any case, win the grand prize, as well.

Is Legit?

Is Legit_

  • Yes, Omaze is legit; it gives charity money and hands out its epic prizes, and the company gets regulated to ensure this. Besides, charities wouldn’t keep partnering with Omaze if they didn’t receive any money.
  • A secondary question is whether you have a chance of winning. Theoretically, you could win the grand prize, but the odds are slim. Omaze doesn’t reveal how many people enter the sweepstakes, but it’s enormous. Plus, it’s not just the number of people who join you’re contending with, but how many entries they buy.
  • Ultimately, avoiding getting swept up in Omaze’s flashy marketing would be best. Don’t buy more entries than you can afford, and don’t pin your hopes on winning. Instead, think of it as a fun way to give some money to charity.

How to Enter an Omaze Sweepstake?

How to Enter an Omaze Sweepstake_

At the time of writing in February 2023, Omaze isn’t hosting any US sweepstakes because it wants to simplify its experiences and needs time to “reflect on how to do this effectively.” Meanwhile, Omaze UK is constantly launching new sweepstakes. To find out about these and enter them, go to the Omaze website. You will get scammed if you’re not using the official Omaze website.

You can enter any active sweepstakes through a one-off entry, paying more depending on how many entries you want. Omaze UK also offers a subscription, which charges you a recurring monthly cost for a fixed number of entries into any active sweepstakes. Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive an entry code. If Omaze draws this entry code, you win.

You’re encouraged to create an account during this process, which lets you check your past entries and update your contact details. This latter point is essential since Omaze will only contact you if you win, saving you from manually checking your entry code.

How Do You Enter The Omaze Draws For Free?

Here’s a brief introduction to the process.

Browse the giveaways you’re interested in on and check the rules, and look for excluded countries in the rules. UK residents should use

  1. Find “enter without contributing,” which you will find below the donation amounts
  2. Click on the text line and complete your details.
  3. Now submit the entry form; that’s it!
  4. NB: You can only submit one form per minute and three free entries.

For UK residents,, Omaze has at least one opportunity to win a house at a time, and the ‘free’ entry route is by post rather than online. Million Pound House Draw (UK only) Million Pound House Draw (UK only)

Omaze at, their UK-specific website, always has at least a single prospect to win a house. Only UK citizens are suitable to pass these draws, and the free entry route is not acceptable online; it is only by post.

Omaze draws cost tickets:

  • £10 for 15 entries
  • £25 for 40 entries
  • £50 for 85 entries
  • £150 for 320 entries

Otherwise, you can purchase a subscription and pay monthly £10, which will give you 30 entries into every current house draw on the 1st of each month, so for a few months, you’ll get 60 entries as there will be two parallel draws running. Anytime you want, you can miss a month.

How To Pass in The Omaze House Draws By Post?

Contrasting the foremost draws, one more ‘free’ entry route for the UK Million Pound House draws is by post, so you must buy a stamp. If each postcard is adequately addressed and stamped, we can refer to as much as we wish but not altogether in one envelope.

If valid postal entries will drive into the Grand Prize Promotion, the Early Bird Prize Draws, and the Weekly Cash Prize Promotions. Your access, whether paid or free, goes into all following early and weekly bird draws. It pays to enter early because you can until the end of the promotional period.

Does the Money From Omaze Go to Charity?

Yes, Omaze does give money to charity. But not all of our contribution goes to charity. Thus, Omaze is a for-profit business that also takes a quantity of your payment for their business. In the US, the breakdown diverges on the sweepstakes kind. For superstar prizes, 60% of your donation goes to the charity, 25% completes the involvement costs, and 15% goes to Omaze. For another drawing, 15% goes to charity, 65 to 75% pays for the prize, and the rest goes to Omaze.

In the UK, Omaze keeps 20% of the net earnings while giving the rest 80% to charity. Because “net proceeds” refers to the amount after deducting rewards and marketing expenses, it does not imply that 80% of your money goes to a charitable organization.

How Can I Win An Omaze Prize?

How Can I Win An Omaze Prize_

Check out our essential top tips guide below to increase your chance of winning Omaze prize giveaways. Current prizes include vehicles, cash prizes, tiny homes, and vacations – don’t miss out on these life-changing giveaways.

Seven tips to win a prize in the Omaze Giveaways

Here are our seven best tips to help you maximize your chances of winning an Omaze Giveaway.

1 Tip. The basics: Get to know how to enter the giveaways.

2 Tip. Donate or enter for free: Decide which way you want to play.

3 Tip: Stay current: Check out Omaze’s official websites for the latest Sweepstakes.

4 Tip. Be social: Join the online communities and follow Omaze on Instagram and Twitter.

5 Tip. Make consistent entries: Enter your preferred giveaways regularly.

6 Tip. Familiarize yourself with how Omaze sweepstakes work.

7 Tip. Maximize your chances by understanding your odds.


Hence, Omaze is a privately owned, for-profit company with two models to raise charity funds. Sweepstake entries for a celebrity experience (set visit, dinner date, tickets to a premiere, etc.) see 60% of the money donated to charity, 25% towards fees and Omaze’s costs for advertising and creating content for the event, and 15% to Omaze as profit.

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