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What Is Rizz? What Does It Means on TikTok?


Rizz is NYC slang made by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. It mentions a male’s ability to impress women, aka game, according to Urban Dictionary. Even though it’s just socializing on TikTok, the tenure has existed since June 2021, and Cenat has completed numerous videos devoted to that slang.

In July 2021, he launched an academy called “Rizz Academy” on stream, his institution, to progress his friends’ love lives by boosting their skills with the ladies. But practice makes perfect, so he called a limited woman to “see if they got game.”

By Cenat, there are three formulae of rizz: W, V, and L, with W presenting the best and the latter showing the worst, which you’ll want to avoid.

What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok? Everything About The New Cool Slang

What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok_ Everything About The New Cool Slang

  • We have heard about a new slang that has just arisen on the Internet, but don’t burden if you are still unaware.
  • When your friends or followers discuss the word ‘Rizz,’ you won’t be left out because we’ve got you enclosed with an explanation.
  • New slang, phrases, and challenges have been fluctuating on the Internet daily, week by week. The voyage of shifting trends is never-ending, from TikTok to facebook, Twitter to Instagram.
  • But, despite the excitement, this slang tenure is worth the buzz. And you’ll be pleased to discover that it comes from somebody you’ve probably previously watched.

How Rizz is Working on TikTok?

How Rizz is Working on TikTok_

Suppose you want to progress your social skills or set yourself up for feat with dating. However, it’s greatest to be cautious when you listen to terms like ‘rizz’ and ‘game,’ and it is the reason.

‘Pick-up artistry’ has become an extensive phenomenon over the Internet. This community includes men who sell courses and books with the promise that you will become more successful at attracting women if you follow their guides. In addition, they explain strategies that will work with ‘any girl’ and suggest scripts to use in conversations with women.

The flaw in these procedures is that they don’t acknowledge the two-way street of the conversation. You can’t use a script to get someone to enjoy your company because, if you’re entering a dialogue with calligraphy, you’re already ignoring what the other person has to say.

Terms like ‘picking up,’ ‘getting,’ and ‘scoring with’ girls also reveal a lack of respect because they’re referring to a person as a prize to be won or currency.

Unspoken Rizz Is The Next Level Up

Unspoken Rizz Is The Next Level Up

  • Laterally with the slang word Rizz, there is one more higher-level slang got title of ‘Unspoken Rizz.’
  • With the standard slang Rizz, the Unspoken Rizz has brushed over the Internet.
  • It’s like a superior stage of slang. For example, ‘Rizz’ is reveals that a guy who knows how to bond with girls, but the Unspoken Rizz is slightly different.
  • It is a “very rare rizz”, clarifies the creator. It’s when a man can attract a woman purely by his physical appearance and doesn’t need to talk.
  • Fans of Cenat recurrently tease him since his friend and fellow creator, Duke Dennis, has been able to attain “unspoken rizz” whilst he initially struggled.
  • Unspoken Rizz, as the name recommends, is a guy who attracts women with his physical appearance and charm without speaking to them.
  • And that is somewhat challenging. And the guys that do it merit the nickname Unspoken Rizz. Unspoken Rizz’s influence is overwhelming. And it’s a higher stage that means men are receiving respect.
  • You’ll get astonish to determine that the term has been about since June 2021, but it recently became popular on the Internet.

Little About Kai Cenat: The Creator Of The Slang’ Rizz’.

Little About Kai Cenat_ The Creator Of The Slang' Rizz'.

  1. Hence, you know what slang means; let’s learn about Kai Cenat, who created it with his buddies. Kai is a popular YouTuber, live streamer, and social media figure. He is well-known for his unique online gratified.
  2. His rapid and creative meme-based comedy practices have helped him increase fame as an emerging Instagram humorous character. Because of his different content style, the streamer has grown to over 1.2 million Instagram followers.
  3. He also has over 2.11 million subscribers to his self-titled comedic YouTube channel. In addition, Kai’s YouTube video has got over a million views.
  4. If you want to understand his hilarious pranks with his buddies. You can subscribe to Kia’s YouTube channel, which has many videos to keep his viewers entertained.


Kai tweeted the term again on July 9th, 2021, stating, “W RIZZ,” earning roughly 8,600 likes in 11 months. It was about a joint stream with iShowSpeed. Around this time, Kai started referencing the “Rizz Academy,” an imagined classroom where he’s the teacher helping people with their overall.

On August 9th, 2021, on the YouTube network Stage, the Plug posted a video titled “Kai Cenat “Best RIZZ Moments” (Part 1),” which received unevenly 53,700 views over eight months. Finally, on November 21st, 2021, Kai Cenat uploaded a long Twitch stream to YouTube, labelling it “KAI CENAT OPENS RIZZ ACADEMY,” earning roughly 343,300 views over six months.

Rizz TikToks

Rizz TikToks

  • The term started to operate en masse on TikTok. For example, on April 21st, 2022, TikToker thekidsmitty posted a video talking to girls on the beach, trying to devise his level of unspoken rizz. Over four weeks, the video received roughly 1.8 million plays and 231,700 likes.
  • More TikTokers picked up on the slang working into the coming weeks, ongoing into May 2022. For instance, on April 29th, TikToker nolimittjavi posted a video with lots of text overlap, relating “unspoken rizz” to Hustle Culture descriptors. Over four weeks, the video received roughly 1.6 million plays and 208,600 likes.
  • Stimulate its usage on TikTok, and the term started to be referenced more on Twitter in May 2022. For instance, on May 11th, Twitter user OvOBrezzzy tweeted. “It’s grown men out here using tik tok slang now Wtf is Rizz,” earning roughly 17,800 likes in six days.


Hence, Rizz is a YouTube and Twitch brand of Kai Cenat. Cenat has used the term to describe his skills concerning impressing women. According to Urban Dictionary, Rizz generally refers to a male’s ability to impress a woman, also known as a game.

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