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Twitter Rolls Out iOS and Android Updates with Perez TechCrunch


Twitter iOS Android Perez Techcrunch – Hey guys! In this article, I will show you Twitter Rolls Out iOS and Android Updates with much more description. Moreover, how to use Twitter for iPhone on Android devices. Twitter stripped out the information as part of a series of changes to unify users across devices. It focus on the service’s reading experience, and push people to its official apps where it could maximize advertising reach.

Twitter tries to connect people with their favorite creators. Creators rely on Twitter to reach their fans and grow their audience. It’s a silent refresh on Twitter’s backend, meaning no update is necessary to your existing copy of Twitter for iOS. The web interface is unaffected by this nifty little change.

Is Twitter Available On Ios?

Is Twitter Available On Ios_

  • The Twitter for iOS app can operate on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device. First, download the Twitter for iOS app if you haven’t already installed it. As soon as the app is installed, you can log in with a current account or sign up for a new account straight from the app. Learn about dealing with multiple Twitter accounts through your app.
  • You will be guided through our sign-up experience and prompted to enter data such as your name and email address. If you provide an email address while signing up, we will immediately send you instructions to authenticate your email address.
  • If you have a phone number while signing up, we will directly send you a text with a code so that we can verify your number. Then, study how to modify the settings for your new account.

What iOS is Needed for Twitter?

What iOS is Needed for Twitter

  • For the better understanding of using the Twitter for iOS app, reflect upgrading your iOS device to the latest operating system (O.S.).
  • If your device still uses iOS 13.7 or inferior, your Twitter app may not update to more current versions.
  • If you’re having problems with the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPod Touch device, or iPad, these troubleshooting bits of advice should help.
  • You need to install Twitter to use it on your phone. To install Twitter, you need to set up your phone for the internet and activate your Apple ID on your phone. Key in Twitter and press search.

How to Use Twitter ios Android?

How to Use Twitter ios Android_

So, there have been literal WARS on the topic “Is Android better than iPhone” or “Are iPhone devices better than Android devices?” and this clash has moved on to Twitter, where Apple devices get to have their own cool custom “Tweet source.” Unfortunately, “Twitter for iPhone” and all Android devices, no matter the brand, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and many other brands, have to share the same Tweet source – “Twitter for Android,” which isn’t fair now.

So, there’s a very high chance that you’re reading this article because you’re an Android user who wants to use the “Twitter for iPhone” source label. There’s no shame in wanting that. I respect it! That’s why I will be showing you how to do that in a bit. Make sure you follow all the steps and follow them;

How to use Twitter iOS on Android Devices?

How to use Twitter iOS on Android Devices?

To use the Twitter iOS source label on your tweets while you’re using an Android device, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Twitter IPA File HERE
  • Search for “Virtual iPhone Online.”
  • Click on the “BrowserStack” website
  • Create an account on BrowserStack using your Email
  • Now, upload the Twitter IPA file you downloaded earlier using the “Upload” button
  • Now, select the iPhone you want to use from the devices list
  • Your Twitter IPA file should load on the iPhone device you’ve selected. And the Twitter application should pop up on the screen after some seconds
  • Now, you can log into your Twitter account
  • Make a Tweet using the Twitter application on the virtual device, and your Tweet source label should show Twitter iOS even though you’re using an Android device!

Twitter Ios Android Perez Techcrunch

Twitter Ios Android Perez Techcrunch

Sarah Perez has worked as a reporter for TechCrunch since August 2011. She joined the company after having spent over three years at ReadWriteWeb. Before working as a reporter, Sarah worked in I.T. across several industries, including banking, retail, and software.

As per the information on website She reported that the Twitter company is announcing another change to its service today aimed at increasing the functionality and usage of its Direct Message (private messaging) feature. The company is adding a new “Message” button to tweets on iOS and Android. That will allow users to take a private, public conversation more easily.

That is, when you click this button, you’ll be able to share the tweet via Direct Message (D.M.) right from your Twitter Timeline.

This feature was first made known in late 2014 with support for desktop and mobile. Even then, the option wasn’t something Twitter users were exactly clamoring for — it served as an excellent addition if anything. But Twitter now sees a need to promote this type of interaction — the transition from public conversations to private ones — as the feature’s usage is growing.

Twitter Spaces Recording Spaces Ios Android Perez Techcrunch

Twitter Spaces Recording Spaces Ios Android Perez Techcrunch

Twitter announced it’s opening up its live audio chat rooms, known as Twitter Spaces, to users on Android. Previously, the experience was only open to select users on iOS following the product’s private beta launch in late December 2020. The company says that Android users will only be able to join and talk in Spaces for the time being but won’t yet be able to start their own.

The company has been working quickly to iterate on Twitter Spaces in the months since its beta debut and has been relatively transparent about its roadmap. In addition, other Spaces features are being shared in public as they’re designed and prototyped, including titles and descriptions, scheduling options, support for co-hosts and moderators, guest lists, and more.

Twitter has also updated the preview card in the timeline and relabeled its “captions” feature to be more accurate from an accessibility standpoint. This fast pace has now led Twitter to beat its rival Clubhouse — the app currently leading the “social audio” market — to offer support for Android. Today, Clubhouse remains iOS-only in addition to being invite-only.

It also indicates the resources Twitter is putting into this new product, which was first declared publicly in November. Twitter believes social audio is a market it needs to win.


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