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Ariana Madix Storms Off During Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale

Ariana Madix storms off the set during Vanderpump Rules season 11 finale filming after makers allegedly tried to make her talk to ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval and Scheana. During filming for the Vanderpump Rules season 11 finale, Ariana had made it clear that she wouldn’t film with Sandoval despite picture with him numerous times.

She reportedly stormed off; Ariana has refused to film with Tom. And when they struggled to corner them together. She needs nothing to do with her ex, Tom Sandoval. Reportedly, at the season 11 finale recording, Ariana Madix blindsided producers of Vanderpump Rules on Friday night in San Francisco.

Ariana Madix Storms Off

Ariana Madix Storms Off


Ariana Madix Storms Off During Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale –  Fans of Ariana and Vanderpump Rules respect her decision to stand up for herself and are excited for the dramatic ending her exit creates for the final episode. Things became hated for Ariana Madix to storm off the set when the cast was caught filming Vanderpump Rules season 11 finale. Ariana is happily in a new bond with fitness Instagram influencer Daniel Wai, but she wasn’t ready to film with ex-Tom Sandoval. After ten long years together, Ariana and Tom have broken up when she knows Tom is having a year-long affair with their co-star, Raquel Leviss.

Even if their lives still have some crossover, Ariana insisted she would not be filming with her ex. She continued this condition despite the numerous times the former couple picture together during Vanderpump Rules’ season 11 recording. For the cast trip to San Francisco, Ariana, her new boyfriend, and Sandoval were all confirmed to be together. Maybe Ariana meant she was refusing to speak with Sandoval on camera and not essentially that she wouldn’t be caught filming group scenes with him. That would explain her reply to the supposed attempted conversation the source claimed occurred for the finale.

Ariana Said She Wouldn’t Film With Sandoval For VPR Season 11

During the final episode of Vanderpump Rules season 11, Ariana will be running from the group’s festivities. It’s not necessarily surprising and makes for a dramatic ending viewers frequently hope for. VPR and Ariana’s fans like to see her stand up for herself and respect her decisions. Ariana confirmed that she would think about her comfort, whereas Sandoval continues to untie and affect both the cast and the show.

For Vanderpump Rules season 11, Ariana Madix wasn’t likely to be anywhere near Tom Sandoval, so the tea checks out accordingly. The source noted that this heated conversation between Scheana and Sandoval followed a long time, making it even more logical. VPR fans can’t wait to see how Sandoval presents itself through another season, and sources keep them on their toes until it’s available to stream.

Ariana Madix Gives’ Vanderpump Rules‘ Season 11 Update

Ariana Madix Gives' Vanderpump Rules' Season 11 Update

Ariana Madix Says” Tom Will Spend Every Single Episode Trashing Me” Bounces’ Vanderpump Rules‘ Season 11 Update I Do Not” Film with Tom Sandoval.”

She’s leaving her communication with him in the once, Ariana Madix’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her — and rightfully so. She discovered his affair with their co-star and close associate Rachel” Raquel” Leviss months after their split. Madix gave an update on where they stand now and teased what we can anticipate from the forthcoming season of VanderpumpRules.

Madix verified that she has not shot for Vanderpump Rules Season 11 with Sandoval — despite being pictured in the same position at cast events. While speaking on Scheana Shay’s Shenanigans podcast,” To make it veritably clear he and I don’t retake together, I haven’t forgiven him, we aren’t cool, that has not changed at each,” Madix said.” But I know that he’ll presumably spend every chapter trashing me and our relationship because, in the same vain as this podcast that happened with Bethenny( Frankel), it serves him in some way to do that.” She continued,” It’s disturbing because if anybody’s suitable to trash anyone in the situation, it should be me. After all, I was done  and  didn’t do him dirty.” Also, Madix agreed with Leviss’ decision not to return for Season 11.

When Did FilmingBegin?

Weeks after season 10 officially stopped rising, Ariana spot filming with Katie and Scheana in L.A. Sandoval, for his partmiss the opening of production to shoot Special Forces season 2 but verified in July 2023 that he’d begun filming the new season. Latterly that month, Scheana called a recent day of filming with Sandoval the” most emotionally draining day I’ve ever had in 11 seasons of Vanderpump Rules.”

What Is Ariana’s Plan for Filming Season 11?

Ariana told The New York Times in May 2023 that no. I’ve nothing to say to either of them,” when asked whether she was” open to filming with” Sandoval and Raquel for season 11 after their affair.” Our show is authentic and follows an honest group of friends, and neither is in the group of friendsso good luck.” Ariana, who started dating Daniel Wai after her split from Sandoval, mugged with her boyfriend during the season-ending.

Will Raquel Return for Season 11?

After months of enterprise, Lisa verified that Raquel would not return for the new Pump Rules season.” When she was in the talent, her crew texted and sent e-mail us. We wanted to make sure she was in a good place first, and I was going to do a one- on- one with her,” she told TMZ in August 2023.” She talked about( returning). Her crew reached out. But in the end, I suppose she decided not to.”

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