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Chattahoochee Tech College In Georgia – Intro, Campuses, And More


This article will discuss the most significant and famous technical college in Georgia, Chattahoochee Tech. Chattahoochee Tech is a public college located in Fair Oaks, Georgia, in the Atlanta Area. It is a small institution with an enrolment of 2,560 undergraduate students.

The Chattahoochee Tech acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include Professional and Technical Writing, Health Service Preparatory Studies, and also, Business. Graduating 35% of students, Chattahoochee Tech alumni earn a starting salary of $24,400.

Campuses Of Chattahoochee Tech

Campuses Of Chattahoochee Tech

Appalachian Campus

Gilmer is the only county within the school’s official service area that does not have its Campus but is served by the Appalachian Campus in Jasper, Pickens County.

Austell Campus

It is now known as the Austell Campus, one of the college’s three original campuses. It comprises two one-story buildings on Tech Centre Drive, and also its address is on Veterans Memorial Drive, originally the historic Bankhead Highway.

Canton Campus

The Canton Campus was liberated at Bluffs Technology Park for the winter quarter of 2011.

Marietta Campus

Marietta Campus

The original and foremost Campus, the Marietta Campus, is directly adjacent to Marietta, between South Cobb Drive (Georgia 280) and also Sandtown Road.

Mountain View Campus

The Mountain View Campus is home-grown to the college’s Design and Media Production Technology program and the Film and Video Production Technology program. It is in northeast Cobb County, one of the college’s three original campuses. They donate Campus to Cobb County. It is specified for educational use; the county supplied the land and also most of the construction money for the building, which was dedicated to the county commission in 2000.

North Metro Campus

North Metro Technical College was recognized in 1989 as one of the first institutions formed under the direction of the new Department of Technical and Adult Education. Thus, Campus was termed the North Metro Campus following the 2009 union.

Paulding Campus

The Paulding Campus is an alternative to the college’s three original campuses and they dedicate that in November 1996. A second building was built in 2009 and also reserved on October 13, with keynote speaker Glenn Richardson. The Campus is home to the college’s nursing program.

Woodstock Campus

The Woodstock Campus is in the prior Woodstock Elementary School. It is historically the all-grades Woodstock School, the town’s first public school, and also the second Campus of Appalachian Tech.

Paying for Schooling and Programs Of Chattahoochee Tech College

Paying for Schooling and Programs Of Chattahoochee Tech College

Paying For Schooling

At Chattahoochee Technical College, 66 per cent of undergraduates receive grant or scholarship aid, and the average scholarship or grant award is $3,120.

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Programs Chattahoochee Tech Offer:

  • Business, computer, and public service.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  • Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist.
  • Early Childhood Care & Education.
  • Technical Studies and,
  • CNC Technology (CNC) (diploma*)

Reinhardt, Chattahoochee Tech Create Partnership To Benefit Students

Reinhardt, Chattahoochee Tech Create Partnership To Benefit Students

Reinhardt University and Chattahoochee Technical College are coming together to offer Chattahoochee Tech students a smooth transition to Reinhardt to complete their four-year degree in nursing. Thus, Educational Pathway signed on Monday, September 30, at the Appalachian Campus of Chattahoochee Technical College in Jasper.

Leaders from Reinhardt University and also Chattahoochee Tech joined together on September 30 to memorialize a partnership that benefits students. Reinhardt nursing students also got picture.

The Educational Pathway allows Chattahoochee Tech students who earn their Associate of Science in Nursing to continue at Reinhardt’s Cauble School of Nursing & Health Sciences to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It also includes Reinhardt’s RN to BSN online program. The articulation agreement highlights classes that will transfer from Chattahoochee Tech to Reinhardt’s nursing programs and is applicable for the 2019-2021 academic years.

“We will work with these students with our full commitment and vigour to ensure we generate more nurses in this significant area of the state,” said Dr Jacob Harney, Reinhardt associate provost and also dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences. “We thank you very much and look forward to further collaboration.”

Chattahoochee Tech College Health Science Building

Chattahoochee Tech College Health Science Building

  • With one-third of Chattahoochee’s students enrolled in healthcare programs, the new Health Science Building consolidates these courses in this state-of-the-art facility featuring classrooms and also teaching labs.
  •  At roughly 80,000 square feet, the new facility will house six health sciences programs under the same roof on the Marietta campus and college technology-enhanced active learning classrooms dedicated to physics, chemistry, biology, and physiology, plus labs to support the prerequisites required.
  • Additional spaces housed in the building are two lecture halls, a computer lab, faculty and administrative space, a covered roof-top terrace, simulation labs, and also an electro neurodiagnostic (END) lab used to study brain activity. It is only the second laboratory of its kind in Georgia.

Products & Services Of Chattahoochee Tech College

Products & Services Of Chattahoochee Tech College

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Hence, Chattahoochee Technical College is a public institution in Marietta, Georgia which is a 2-year public technical college. It offers certificates and associate degrees. Moreover, they ranked #547 out of 2,241 schools nationwide for overall quality on College Factual’s 2023 Best Colleges list. It improved over the previous year, when Chattahoochee Technical College held the #828 spot on the Best Overall Colleges list.

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