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How To Go Viral With Social Media?

Go Viral With Social Media 2022 is fast approaching, and if you don’t want to be outdone by the competition, you will have to adapt your social media marketing strategy according to the following trends.

With over a billion monthly dynamic users and millions of videos uploaded daily, standing out on the platform can be challenging. However, it is possible, and on TikTok, even small accounts have gone mega-viral.

Having a piece of content go viral is nothing short of a dream come true in marketing. However, for better or worse, we know that going viral is much easier said than done. Getting your posts to 100,000+ likes and shares organically sits at the intersection of science and strategy.

How To Go Viral With Social Media In 2022

Know this, next year, consumers will take power more than ever, and they are the ones who will decide the future of a brand.

So how do you stand out on social media? How do you respond effectively to the demands of your target audience?

The Social Media Trends To Follow In 2022

TikTok dominates the digital marketing universe

We’ve been talking to you about the TikTok trend for two years, and if this year the platform has continued to impose itself, next year we’ll talk more about domination!

If you are not yet present on the social network, catch up quickly!

With a download rate that broke records this year, the platform specializing in short formats has become a reference.

So much so that TikTok’s new feature: TikTok Resumes, has generated over 3,400 conversations and 300 million views. TikTok is primarily aimed at Generation Z, and the platform has been able to target its audience ideally with a hashtag that allows you to post a CV and apply for online job offers.

But the strategy also had another impact: increasing the average age of users by attracting recruiters!

TikTok has become a popular digital network for major brands taking advantage of its success to increase their visibility.

Mainly since its content is regularly found on other social networks, making it an excellent omnichannel medium.

  • On TikTok, communities drive the game and grow your audience. Therefore, you need to participate in conversations in your community.
  • Get creative and craft ultra-personalized marketing campaigns to create a direct connection with your audience.

Cookies Disappear – Think Social Ads of Social Media

Cookies Disappear - Think Social Ads of Social Media

By 2023, cookie tracking should be gone entirely from screens. Companies will then have to rethink their advertising strategy on social media.

Fortunately, thanks to social networks, brands reach a wider audience, and the arrival of Social Ads will have made it possible to collect essential information on users.

Moreover, the potential of advertising on social networks is considerable since 49% of Internet users say they are likely to purchase after viewing an advertisement on the Internet.

The Right Strategy:

  • Consumers are demanding personalized advertising experiences.
  • Therefore, your Social Ads strategy must be based on increased knowledge of your prospects’ preferences to respond appropriately to their expectations.
  • Take advantage of user-generated content (UGC). UGC is a great way to counter ad blockers.
  • Be creative and engaging so that your marketing content is shared as much as possible.

The Rise Of Social Selling of Social Media

Since digital platforms have opened their doors to e-merchants, innovations to facilitate sales are constantly emerging.

On Instagram, for example, a customer can now purchase a product without leaving the app.

The opportunity for online stores is considerable but requires reviewing the purchase paths put in place.

  • Budget more for influencer marketing and build strategic partnerships with relevant influencers.
  • Arouse consumer interest through consistent publications and build customer loyalty.
  • Improve your online presence and be creative to gain followers: publish more, integrate attractive visuals, and personalize your content.
  • Simplify the customer journey to make more sales.
  • Build trust with UGC.

In 2022, Target Your Communication of Social Media

Knowing your targets to communicate better is nothing new. But next year, you will have to do even more, even better. Ultra personalization!

As we have seen through previous social media trends in 2022, every content creation will have to meet consumer expectations.

To attract your customers, you will have to create specific publications that highlight the target person, their place of life, passions, and gender.

The Right Strategy:

  • Use storytelling codes to tell the story your target wants to hear.
  • Find and adopt the style of your audience.
  • Connect with your viewers through live video or audio content using Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse.
  • Improve the consumer experience with quality content with high added value.
  • Demonstrate authenticity and transparency.

Hunt For Fake News on Social Media

The growing number of Internet users on social networks generates a new form of information consumption.

Today, most users get information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

If initially, this trend made it easy to disseminate the information sought by customers, many brands have found themselves confronted with the phenomenon of misinformation.

Unfortunately, in 2022, fake news is likely to become even more critical, and companies will have to tackle the problem head-on to maintain their credibility.

Twitter and Reuters have also taken their share of responsibility and have united to fight against fact-checking.

Even More Powerful Influencer Marketing of Social Media

Even More Powerful Influencer Marketing of Social Media

Even though we’ve talked about it before, influencer marketing deserves an entire paragraph in these 2022 social media trends!

Influencer marketing has taken an important place in the marketing universe and has become a crucial strategy.

The influence of influencers continues to grow, and with them, their community.

The brands that have the most results on social media have been able to take advantage of this windfall and, of course, have forged partnerships with the right influencer.

Social Networks Are Becoming Decentralized

Many brands have started to decentralize their community to their website.

By creating their social network, they could regain control over their audiences without intermediaries.

Decentralized Networks Are The Spearhead Of Independence.

Users appreciate them precisely because they can keep control over their data but also over the content generated, which cannot censor.

The integration of social tools has other advantages, such as engaging your community around your brand, promoting the act of purchase, and increasing customer loyalty.

The Right Strategy:

  • Use interaction tools that are easy to set up and use: forums, plug-ins like Buddy Press or WP Symposium, independent servers like Mastodon, etc.
  • Analyze the modes of communication of your audience to offer them a social network that suits them.
  • Maintain a good customer experience.
  • Avoid conflict while preserving freedom of expression.

Metaverse And Virtual Reality of Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg was the first to announce the arrival of a new virtual world with the metaverse. Through this announcement, it is indeed the explosion of virtual reality in question.

Among the social media trends in 2022, the potential of virtual reality is enormous, and companies able to invest in the space will experience a considerable increase in value and interest.

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