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Star Wars Details Prove Darth Jar Jar Theory


Star Wars Details Prove Darth Jar Jar Theory – Jar-Jar Binks is among the most hated Star Wars and movie industry roles. George Lucas was inspired to develop Jar Jar based on the Disney role Goofy. The clumsy Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord theory of one famous Star Wars fan. There’s a fantastic amount of evidence to back this up.

It all started when Reddit user Lumparwarroo posted a wild theory more than a year ago about the character that he was a highly skilled Force user. Sith collaborator who had joined with Emperor Palpatine himself. While this theory concludes that Jar Jar Binks goes on to become Supreme Leader Snoke, a new revelation supports an even crazier suggestion: that Jar Jar Binks is the Sith master who finds a young boy and casts him into the evil supervillain we meet in The Force Wakes. It would mean that Jar Jar Binks is not Supreme Leader Snoke but is even more authoritative than him.

Darth Jar Jar Theory

The Darth Jar Jar theory is a popular fan theory suggesting that Jar Jar Binks, the clumsy Gungan from the Star Wars series, was a Sith Lord working secretly alongside Emperor Palpatine. While this theory is not officially confirmed in the Star Wars canon, some fans have referenced various film details and clues to support it. Here are ten points that support the Darth Jar Jar theory:

1. Jar Jar’s Clumsiness as an Act

The theory suggests that Jar Jar’s clumsiness was an act to deceive others. He may be a skilled and cunning individual playing a long game in the Star Wars universe. While this is an exciting interpretation, it’s never explicitly confirmed in the movies or any official Star Wars material. Followers of this theory point to specific moments in “The Phantom Menace” where Jar Jar seems to do things that benefit the Jedi and the Republic accidentally.

2. Orchestrating Events

2. Orchestrating Events

The theory suggests that Palpatine carefully orchestrated everything and that Jar Jar played a role in facilitating Palpatine’s rise to power. Again, while it’s intriguing to think about, there’s no concrete evidence in the films to support this.

3. Jar Jar’s Goofy Movements Might Be Disguised Force Skills

The theory suggests that Jar Jar might have hidden Force abilities, which he used to influence events covertly. However, there’s no on-screen evidence of Jar Jar using the Force in this manner.

4. Infiltrating the Senate

It suggests that Jar Jar infiltrated the Senate to assist Palpatine. While Jar Jar does become a senator in the films, his rise to power is described as somewhat accidental, and there’s no clear evidence of him doing so at Palpatine’s behest.

Everyone remembered the first introduction of Jar Jar in The Phantom Menace. At the beginning of the Attack, Jar Jar was revealed to be elects as a junior Naboo representative in the Galactic Senate of the Clones.

5. Jar Jar Uses Hand Gestures To Change Someone’s Opinion

5. Jar Jar Uses Hand Gestures To Change Someone's Opinion

The theory implies that Jar Jar uses hand gestures to manipulate and change people’s opinions. Which mirrors Yoda’s ability to use the Force to influence others. It is speculative and not confirmed in the films.

6. Darth Vader Connection

Therefore some fans have speculated that Jar Jar may have a connection to Darth Vader or the Sith in some way. But this is purely conjecture and not part of the official Star Wars storyline.

7. Redemption Arc

The theory also suggests that Jar Jar may have a redemption arc, which could be explored in future Star Wars media. However, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, no authorized approval of such a storyline has been approved.

8. Jar Jar Mirrors Yoda In Interesting Ways

In The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda initially acts like a bumbling buffoon to offset any preconceptions that he might be the last surviving Jedi in hiding when Luke travels to Dagobah. It mirrors Jar Jar to discourage anyone from doubting him of being an all-powerful Sith Lord who theorizes to act like a bumbling buffoon. Yoda’s con game complete to test Luke Skywalker’s patience and see if he had what it took to become a Jedi Knight.

9. Jar Jar Gave Absolute Power To Chancellor Palpatine

9. Jar Jar Gave Absolute Power To Chancellor Palpatine

A Palpatine’s critical part of the plan to take over the Republic and turn it into the Empire complex is being given absolute power during a state of interstellar emergency. Jar Jar was the government characteristic who got the Senate to vote in the kindness of sharing Palpatine that authority. They would have ordered him to do it. But it’s pretty possible Darth Jar Jar’s identity was a closely guarded secret, known only to Palpatine himself.

10. Ahmed Best And George Lucas Have All But Confirmed It

While it’s true that Ahmed Best, the actor who portrayed Jar Jar Binks, and George Lucas. The creator of Star Wars, have discussed fan theories and the character’s potential hidden depths. Their comments do not confirm the theory’s validity in the official Star Wars canon.


The theory that Jar Jar Binks was more than he appeared in the Star Wars prologs is a fascinating fan theory, but it remains theoretical. It is not confirmed in the official Star Wars universe. Star Wars tradition is vast and constantly evolving, so it’s possible that future stories could explore this concept. So ultimately, whether or not you believe in this theory is a matter of personal interpretation. But it is not part of the official Star Wars canon.

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